Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, frequently interrupted David Holmes as he tried to answer his question about a call he overheard about President Trump and Amb. Gordon Sondland.
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‘You May Not Like The Witnesses’ Answer But We Will Hear It’: Schiff Tells Jordan | NBC News

source: https://goindocal.com/

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41 thoughts on “‘You May Not Like The Witnesses’ Answer But We Will Hear It’: Schiff Tells Jordan | NBC News

  1. How can anyone take the clown Jordan serious?
    He dresses like a wrestling coach.
    The man shows up to an official hearing without a dresscoat!
    "Look…I am just one of the people".
    You represent a district in Ohio.
    Dress and act like it you vile little man!

  2. Can someone tell me if suits are expensive for our beloved senator mr Jordan 😂 and we set up a gofund account for him 😂 so he can look like a senator tho hi IQ dosent look so

  3. How sad that someone like this could represent our country. He is such an embarrassment to America. American People lets get ride of him right behind Trump. Where there is smoke there is fire this whole Trump thing has gone on long enough. Let’s all meet on the White House Lawn with a U haul truck and move him out of OUR White House.

  4. So Gym " I didn't hear anything but what I want to hear " JorShit keeps interrupting to try and find some BS to help his case that's he doesn't care about the details or he just doesn't care about what tRump did

  5. Jordan we here you I would like nothing more than you so porting some one Honest.but stop. America will always recognize you for being white be prowed of that.but remember what this Country is great for because we all come together as one

  6. If it were up to me, the entire criminally corrupt and treasonous GOP would be in Guantanamo by now regretting that they ever stuck their neck out for the most criminally corrupt and treasonous orange man in American history

  7. Talking loud and saying nothing. Gym oh gym. You did the same thing to the athletic team, they were talking loud and you were saying nothing!

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