You Don’t Really Want Smoke | TikTok Compilation

You Don’t Really Want Smoke | TikTok Compilation

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90MH – TREFUEGO Lyrics:
You don’t really want smoke, you ain’t ’bout that shit

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  1. BlueTeaTime says:

    The second gril is just shit talker she dont even pull up on ppl i follow her

  2. Georgina Becker says:

    Leave a like if you have tik tok

  3. Lemon KitKat says:

    Early….kinda btw my Tik Tok is @DailyDoseOCringe

  4. Sara Heckenlively says:

    Me:My mom died when I was five. girl with men’s size 13 Nike’s: ok nobody cares

  5. aliyah 4life says:

    Nice I love u so much I'm a fan

  6. Kookz X says:

    I love funny Tik Toks, miss me with that thot crap

  7. Kendra Hazelbaker says:

    Love it

  8. Kymaraina Trammell says:

    Lol and wow

  9. Flxrae Flowers says:


  10. Flxrae Flowers says:

    Nice luv it

  11. Zoe Laverne Editsz says:


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