Mi Gaming Laptop 2019 refresh unboxing and hands-on review. New Intel Core i7 9750H and 144hz screen. I have the full spec 16GB, 512GB NVME Nvidia RTX 2060 version. Better than the 1660 Ti version for that 144hz screen. I bought the laptop from here:

01:22 – Unboxing & weights
02:11 – Build & design
06:35 – Windows 10 in Chinese
07:08 – Benchmarks & info
11:25 – Thermals & fan noise
12:20 – Speaker sample
12:58 – RTX benchmark
14:37 – Switchable GPUs
15:01 – First impressions
15:25 – Pros & Cons

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44 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 2019 Unboxing & Hands-On

  1. 01:22 – Unboxing & weights

    02:11 – Build & design

    06:35 – Windows 10 in Chinese

    07:08 – Benchmarks & info

    11:25 – Thermals & fan noise

    12:20 – Speaker sample

    12:58 – RTX benchmark

    14:37 – Switchable GPUs

    15:01 – First impressions

    15:25 – Pros & Cons

  2. Great Video! What I am seeing is that the GPU clocks are 1100 MHZ for this RTX 2060 when they normaly are 960MHz. Did you overclock the gpu?

  3. My friend purchased this laptop when it first dropped and I'm planning on buying this model as well.

    Regarding the fan noise, the fan is only noisy on Turbo mode. Normally the fan is pretty decent quiet with out Turbo and keeps the RTX 2060 below 68 degrees on max load at full speed without overclock.

    Turbo mode is very loud and only needed if you want to drop the RTX to like 55 degrees on normal speed, or if you want to overclock

  4. China uses both 2-flat-pin and 3-pin power socket. The 3-pin one is the same as Australia and New Zealand. What you received is the model for China.

  5. Hello, I'm still waiting for your complete review, I also wanted to ask you about the battery, I don't remember where did I read about the battery being soldered, is that true? , hope you can answer soon, thank you.

  6. it’s funny that he put out all the boxes that he had at home, even from the clock … why is there no box from the refrigerator and microwave in the frame?

  7. I really wish it was available in my country, Their phones are very cheap and easily available here but not one single Gaming product.

  8. 12:05 thanks for that test. Definitely not a laptop for me, it is not the fan noise but the coil whine that will time will probably just get worse.

  9. Can the author testing install mi smart home /asus smart home application/sang sung smart home or Google nest apps smart home allocation in that laptops , so we can gaming and streaming and monitor home geget as the same time likes air puifer androom temperature and door locks and home close circuits television and vam cleaner robot ?

    Try to test install steam operations system or linking to ps4/Xbox one application plz for discussion board in that laptops ,

    Likes most of the gaming notebook acter halp year battery only available from 2 hrs to 30 minits , the two or three extra large battery is a plus 😀

    The newest mi battery 3a (Phone protable battery can charge 20000 mah battery in usb3 , for notebook, let have a test

    Also the Peking xiaomi have a feature call enterprise mode for the national police fortune 500 even a green military campus for isolation dual using and personal using, except the buyer living in Africa or middle east or north west sandvican European, otherwise we do not suggest Taiwanese buyer using this low price high specification machine

    Except for political reasons😫 i still miss my gaming notebook in 56mb graphic card in Dell Inspiron in 1995-2001 usage 😭

    Finally the biggest features is low price 1TB low cost mi cloud and remote location in different mi account (likes Google or Apple itune account)

    The virtual internet service provider 100GB 4G LTE for around 30CHF to 50CHF per years is unbelievable (except you don't need any Google services just using Chinese intranet searching and social site )

    The newest door lock /and scouter car four wheel and television cost aroud 600 Swiss franc and a thousand Swiss franc laser television for live casting virtual virtually gaming game in living room

    For the the frequency traveler, thr gaming notebook still don't have LTE (long term evolution modern) it need WiFi or usb tering in phone for down load steam /uplay/origin game is
    A bit painful

    In. China it's have another gaming brand call Great wall brand and hisesen and hier and another infamous gamjng van cost less in speciation, but for the the long time gamer for 8 hrs per Day/annoying window patch and unnecessary boatware/boot ware is distrupt for 4hrs streaming per Day in south korea afreecatv streaming 🥰

    Dont forgot the Peking xiaomi brand have gaming RGB headphones/gaming rgb keyboard and gaming rgb mouse for sell as well 😁

    Finally if ciaomi customer install a virtual machine in xiaomimi user interface (miui 10) for testing android 9-10 or any dual open android apps and dual space in this gaming notebook for programer testing high graohic intensive game before installing in G-suite (cost two Hundred usd per user per year ) with date leak protection and Google enterprisemail audit

    or apple enterprise mode (certificate mobile device management)

    The Chinese mi browser can synchronization your browser history to mi cloud and storages (but in Singapore cloud servers) isolation from inside Chinese user due to security reasons 😫

    Let try to testing (Google stadia )apple mobile gaming acade) for live gaming clouds server in long battery light weight notebook plz 😀

    Response from mi 2s costs three hundred usd mobile phone 🤤 after discount

    The insearch of incrable (asus Republic of gamer) as same( rtx 2060 ) cost two thousand Swiss Francs (3K United States of America dollars) 😭 as the same specification for graphic processing units , however the Hidden costs maybe the maintenance and repair for 1 yrs to 3 yrs after end of sell or end of support

    For 144 hz playing cs go or first person shooter game or Palatin Steam which is huge difference 😋!!! Compare to 60 Hz old monitor , if the dusk filtering and more red green blue light would be better, using blue tooth 5.0 ( long range 100 meter) for inear headphones even in noise environment or going to toilet still can listen to music 😜 or even gaming in 1am to 5 am that the sounds won't annoying the angry parents when they sleeping Zzz 😀

  10. what they dont tell you about this laptop is that their company installs bloatware and spyware on to your PC. This has been standard practice by the chinese governement up to and including the 5G scam they have tried to commit. This is a disgrace and youd be fool to buy this hardware because the associated cost of how much it would cost you would be unbelievable

  11. Hello!, nice review, im in China and im literally just waiting for the full review to make my decision =) . Great video

  12. I bought this laptop in a month ago. Everything are great so far but one thing, my laptop have very bad backlight bleeding. The rest is Ok, but for the 1100$ budget, there is no better choice.

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