Cow Chop Merch:

Aleks and Garrett roam the wastes of TikTok.

The following is for those multicultural:

Me corté las uñas de los pies demasiado cortas, ahora mis medias blancas parecen haber sido bañadas en batido de fresa.

Thank You 🐮🔪

source: https://goindocal.com/

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  1. Pushing Pluto says:

    Pushing Pluto?

  2. Louis Bowels says:

    "Are cows sacred in India or something? Fuck I don't know"
    – Cow Chop

  3. JiveViking says:

    Woohoo Yayhoo

  4. JiveViking says:

    This video was sad as fuck

  5. JiveViking says:

    Cowchop India

  6. KewlDude RedX says:

    T series copyright strike incoming.
    Just what this channel needed!

  7. HighCookies says:

    Why does Tow truck jess sound like Justin Bieber

  8. Travis Burns says:

    What ever happened to James?

  9. Chief Chewie says:

    Lmaooo is that Sims music playing in the background of the video? 😂

  10. Mike Horb says:

    Nice little piece in the background…. last video should be a smoke out of the whole warehouse.

  11. insane .zebra says:

    d e a d

    c h a n n e l

  12. Azoru says:

    I just started watching breaking bad im on season 2 what did you just say

  13. Matt Lockwood says:

    5% (maybe much less) of Tiktok is actually pretty funny from what I've seen.. but the rest is genuinely the cringiest shit I've ever come across. Don't know if anyone agrees, honestly feel alone on this thought but it's hard to watch. Like that second-hand embarrassment.

  14. Pauli Unknown says:

    more cringe please daddy, I'm thirsty

  15. Charli Forken says:

    Next episode, Wrong Side Of PornHub

  16. Chloe Ooi says:

    i hear sims background music

  17. Retz says:

    The only good content on Tik-tok is the people on there just so they can make fun of un-ironic tik-tokers.

  18. chuck guerin says:

    Haha. I think tik tok is just whoever can be the stupidest or viral with their retardation. Or shock value. I have a few ideas but I would never do them because fame is five minutes in shit tok.

  19. BadMon_Jah says:


  20. Isaac Kohl says:

    9:04 when Trish gets reunited with Diavolo and King Crimson

  21. Yasmin Rojas says:

    Wait. Guilford county like in NC? Nice to know that she lives in my county but people here don’t even know how to drive so I’m not surprised

  22. Ur Dad says:


  23. Maddy Brown says:

    I think this is my favorite cow chop video from the last couple years tbh. Garrett and Alex are such a great duo, they always have a genuinely good time and I love it

  24. Clopmeister says:

    why is there sims music in this video

  25. Jaicob Arndt says:

    Wrong side of Albino Black Sheep

  26. chance goodwin says:

    STOP COPPA http://chng.it/FwJTYSJTyd

  27. inryoku says:

    tiktok is what crawled out of the grave when vine was buried in the pet cemetery

  28. CommissionerManu says:

    Who woulda thought that deathbed Cow Chop would be heading for another peak, but after the last couple of vids, here we are

  29. NingaShark says:

    This video was great guys!

  30. Brenden says:

    Y'all mfs need to know why they're so many Indians on tik tok.

    A newly established telecom company 'JIO' backed by a billionaire gave away free SIM cards to anyone with valid government identity. This paired with the availability of ultra cheap smartphones has resulted with over 300m+ new users entering the internet. Tik tok for a lot of these people is the first social media app they've ever been a part of and as a result they have found their community there. Indians love their music and movies, hence so many shitty dubs and songs. This is not going to end anytime soon. Expect a bleedover to other social platforms soon.

  31. thegrimschilkxx says:

    Doesn't resemble either Bowser. Lmao

  32. KawaiiMachine says:

    Im legit gonna watch the treetopia for the 5th cowchop is naught now

  33. NootNoot! says:

    definitely another Wrong Side of Tiktok!

  34. John Ivey says:

    When Garrett is a literal E-boy but tries to deny it.

  35. berkah clark says:

    I'll never understand the point or interest in tiktok. You 2 poor souls for doing this video ahaha

  36. Maxxis Artstuff says:

    It took me a while to realize I'm Garrett.

  37. Daft Punk OCE says:

    no more sims music in background of video

  38. xxxxxxxsnorlax says:

    13:20 didn't know Justin Trudeau was on tiktok

  39. jesse says:

    The following is for those multicultural:
    I cut my toenails too short, now my white stockings seem to have been bathed in strawberry milkshake.

  40. Scallywag Express says:

    I'd love only wrong side of tiktok for the rest of the year plz 🙂 & thank u

  41. Prokage says:

    ok boomer gary

  42. Kyle says:

    you should have just recorded yourself watching a good tiktok compilation the videos aleks picked was meh

  43. Eric Delaney says:

    We need an hour long video of you two, Tony and Brett watching and remaking Tik Toks.

  44. cobby wasabi says:

    tiktok is gay and for normies goodbye 🙂

  45. Secretly Pikachu says:

    That Nik dude goes to my old high school.

  46. LegendarySuperSwine Broly says:

    I'm glad they made this video so I can hate TikTok it even more. TikTok is the most retarded thing that has come to the internet. Ty cow chop for fueling my passion of hatred even more for this retarded excuse for a platform that we call "tick tock" Vine was a millions of times better And that's the hard cold Truth.😒

  47. invo 7 says:

    These kids are fucking retarded

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