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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery suggesting there might be another fundamental force in the universe – the so called Fifth Force.

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35 thoughts on “Wow, New Mysterious Fifth Force May Have Been Just Confirmed

  1. As said a few vids ago, something basic seems to have been neglected by science. But this is gross, a possible fifth basic force. You're sure that there are no more? I think i lost already confidence in science, its more like a guess club imo. So my naming would be Dark BS…until its proven.

  2. Why wasnt this discovered before, especially in the LHC or other colliders? I would assume this being something "ordinary" people have done before in collider experiments?

  3. I remember watching this documentary on string theory in around 2007-08 I think. Where they were talking about how few new breaktroughs there had been in physics since the 60's(I think). And that we would likely not see any explosive "eureka" moments unless something entirely new was discovered. Made me a bit sad at the time. But seeing all the new discoveries these last few years I think we might be on the cusp of something really cool. But it will like you say Anton probably take an intellect(s) of Einsteins caliber to be able to string all these different aspects of physics into a coherent theory. Crossing my fingers that it will happen in the near future 🙂

  4. Strong force?! You mean strong nuclear force. It's nothing special, they teach that stuff in middle schools. Also, weak nuclear force too.

  5. 1) As every "particle" is really a waveicle with a displacement pulse vectoring through a multidimensional rotation and translation, the strong force is easily understood as harmonic coupling. 2) The weak force is a coupling instability caused by a small dissonance in constituent waveicles that are closely, but not perfectly, harmonious, being subject to dissolution due to the constant dynamic of waveicle interactions that are the constant of manifest existence. 3) X17 is probably one of the countless corpuscular subdivisions of the dynamic engine of the proton. As Leonard Susskind has pointed out, if we assign an arbitrary scale of 1 to 100 for particle energies, with the electron being 1, we have, so far, been able to show evidence of about 10% of the dynamic density of the proton. It required the most powerful machine ever built (so powerful that the operating crew took two years to gradually increase experiments to full power) to display convincing evidence of the HIggs Boson, with >90% of the dynamic density still unobservable to us. 4) The Cosmological Constant is the continuous creation of new energy in the manifest spacetime realm by the two states of infinity that are pretty much everywhere in the Universe: black holes, which we are now beginning to see are everywhere and have pretty much a scale across all sizes, and the zero, or pure vacuum, state, from which infinite probability functions are constantly collapsing into particles and anti-particles. 5) Given the scale of manifest existence that we have so far observed or derived statistically, from the Planck Density to the Universal singularity, it would be the ultimate foolishness and hubris to imagine we are anywhere in even the quadrant of complete knowledge, or to imagine we have done anything more than scratch the surface of what there is to know in the ever-revealing infinity of the relative spacetime realm we call existence.

  6. I'm so glad you did a video on this topic. I've seen many news articles about the discovery, or possible discovery. But I have not heard anyone describe what the force involves. Specifically what particles or energy interact with it.

  7. Yeah, this seems interesting, although right now probably only for the experts. PBS Space Time had something on it in 2016. It sounds like whether or not it exists has some connection to string theories, perhaps supporting some theories over others. It should be fun to see this issue evolve.

  8. How is the strong force not a form of gravity or gravity a form of strong force – just on a much smaller scale? Just as planets are held in orbits by gravity, why aren't electrons held by the same force on a much smaller scale?

    Why is the weak force any different to entropy and decay? Are they related or confused terms interrelated?

  9. Hallo anton.
    Your telling a lot of lies.
    The earth is flat with a dome ( firmament ) over it.
    Earth doesnt move. As God created it.
    Nobody can come in and nobody can go out.
    You are deceiving many ppl!

  10. i have a problem with e=mc^2 if light speed is a constant and meters per second are arbitrary numbers where meters and seconds are just agreements of humans how to measure length and time… well then speed of light is not equal to 299792458 m/s , it is equal to (because it is a universal constant) = 1 x/y where x is correct universal measurement of length, and y is correct universal measurement of time, so if x/y =1 then measurement of length and measurement of time must have the same number. SO as the result there is no point in trying to put C^2 because c=1 and 1^2 =1….

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