World of Warships Mods Pack Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio V 8.2


  1. ElLa Piz says:

    Link Broken

  2. Carlo Bayani says:

    where’s the blitz version

  3. loyang io says:

    How do i get that skin mod?

  4. darkion30 says:

    Could you upload again…..?

  5. Marvell Hiragi says:

    10:33 is from SAO deathgun's theme right? It's simillar

  6. Malik Wilson says:

    i know its just a mod pack

  7. Malik Wilson says:

    if this was a battleship anime i would watch it totally

  8. KUSUG TAUSUG says:

    Hey ..if use this mod i will have the yamato and other battleships unlocked????

  9. Charlotte la says:

    Does the ARP mod skin work on world of warships blitz?

  10. Neville Malcolm says:


  11. SharkDAD Cesar Cerqueira says:

    Beuriful ships

  12. Rodrigo L. says:

    iiiiiii think that you can not use weapons like a supergravitational cannon in that game right

  13. Rain Kasutoru says:


  14. HARUSAKI 1 says:


  15. DataMcLp says:

    How do i install this in the steam version

  16. yamamoto , says:

    where can i get the model of ARP

  17. Kirihime Hazu says:

    Haruna Line can you fix it the link mod please !!!

  18. Jaya Temara says:

    Reupload plz 🙂

  19. Tank builders Lite says:

    I am now going to point out some of the flaws with the mod.
    1. Don't have stripes, especially glowing ones because it will give you away to the enemy and make you an easy target.
    2. Ammo types. Lasers will go through the target. Yamato's shells are like pickup trucks slamming into other ships at 1.2 kilometers per second.
    3. Torpedoes. If shells turn into Lasers, then torpedoes look like underwater missiles that deal little damage. Like Tirpitz's AAA.
    4. Crew problems. Confident when charging into battle. Loses their minds when ship catches fire.
    The only good thing is that A magi is purple. And that is all that matters.

  20. Edy Zakaria Rifandy Pinem says:

    is anyone still has the active link ? cause i wanna download this mod 😀

  21. Edy Zakaria Rifandy Pinem says:

    why the file doesnt exist ?

  22. Krauchelli says:

    All tiers?

  23. Tyler Luck says:

    How do u have so many coins.

  24. Felipe Silva says:

    12:00 music?

  25. Christian says:

    podrias actualizar el link por favor 😀 GRACIAS

  26. Punisherfan123 says:

    Do they affect German ships or just Japanese? Also, can I get just the skins, and none of the new backgrounds, HUD's, etc.?

  27. Danh vn says:

    just download aslain

  28. ArnoldXD says:

    File dont exist no more i want it!

  29. Shellby x says:

    Cool as hell, one of the best ARP skins and they all are great!

  30. H-Anime .NEEET says:

    did u still have mod pack? please give me link to download it

  31. tank2003ful says:

    Will this work on the current update and on NA servers?

  32. Krista Johnson says:


  33. TheGoodPilot says:

    will this be updated to Aslians mod pack?

  34. Xtrange Music says:

    Why the link doesn't work

  35. Aiky83 says:

    How does one get this pack? The google drive link isn't working anymore. I really prefer the full ARP pack. Don't get me wrong the Space Battleship stuff is excellent work and looks amazing, but i dig ARP more. So how do i get this?

  36. S Miya says:

    what is the title of ur Op song

  37. sakurai says:

    How to use ARP Haruna skin? I try to change Kongou to Haruna but it doesn't work ;w;

  38. ศิริพงศ์ ทรัพย์สอาด says:


  39. nightcore fox says:

    So I have the mod downloaded, unzipped, and placed in a folder. What do I do now?

  40. max j says:

    wow battle is very beautiful!

  41. สุนิฬษา สกุลแพงท่ิแษอ says:


  42. asyrawi abdullah zawawi says:

    Is it legal to do this. I mean its an online multiplayer and then will the enemy see our skin or is it only us who can see the skin?
    By the way it looks beautiful.

  43. Juri says:

    Are you still alive?

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