Windows Server 2003 R2 Install Tutorial

Thanks to Leo LD, QUEN FLO, and DHF299 for the suggestion!
Today, exactly one year after Windows XP support was cancelled, we are going to be taking a look at Windows Server 2003, and how to install it in a VM, or on a real server. Windows Server 2003 was the server version of Windows that was based on Windows XP, and would later become the base for developing Windows Vista. The R2 release came out a few years later in 2005. It includes some enhancements, as well as a few new features.
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  1. Emerald Pixel Gaming says:

    Feels great looking back to this amazing video, I am actually Quen Flo, I was so happy when this got uploaded XD Keep up the good work Michael 😀

  2. Moh Moh says:

    Use Windows 8.1 Pro Build 9600

  3. Nojus Zubrus says:

    Keep in mind Windows Server 2003 is NOT based on XP, It's based on Windows 2000 Server.

  4. Brian Stump says:

    People, please stop asking for tutorials on Windows XP Home Edition, WIndows XP Porfessional, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Professional x64 edition, WIndows XP Tablet PC Edition, Etc. It's all the same steps as in this video.

  5. spit says:

    Whats the intro music?

  6. FingeredDonut says:

    As it is software piracy to not give out the product key but to give out the ISO, it is discontinued though so do what ever you want.

  7. Quân Nguyễn says:

    How to install File Server Resource Manager service (FSRM)? Why is this service not available in R2 version?

  8. Quân Nguyễn says:

    thank you very veryyyymuch

  9. Supergbot04 says:

    Is it R2?

  10. Vaseline says:

    6:22–6:26 You are incorrect, Virtual Machine performance is actually decreased because it is emulating your computer's hardware.

  11. Michael Reilly says:

    Silly question – why use this in a virtual machine?

  12. Victor Dike says:

    decryption key please

  13. Fireseed TV says:

    Why is there no sound in the OS? Do you have to install sound drivers separately like in Windows 9x operating systems?

  14. Dylan Taylor says:

    Although the website doesn’t work, the Windows Update Mini-Tool can still actually download & install the updates.

  15. Ashutosh Verma says:

    Hi, I am trying to install the window server 2k3 on dell drac 4/i but I m not able to install the windows getting error "setup unable to access the files needed to continue. this could be caused by CD media or cd media no longer present when I click close I get error internal datastructre get corrupted

  16. Benjamin Castillo says:


  17. Bas Damen says:

    I wish there was virtual keys…

  18. Bas Damen says:


  19. Gianmarco Gargiulo says:

    is win server 2003 useful to something? lol

  20. Arminder Singh says:

    Longhorn/Vista was always based off the Windows Server 2003 codebase. The difference is that the initial codebase for longhorn was the Server 2003 RC codebase (called .NET Server at the time, it’s closer to XP than what we now call server 2003, and XP still has remnants of the .NET server naming in it) while the codebase after the reset was Server 2003 SP1 RC.

  21. Steve says:

    Make a video on Mac OS Please

  22. Koutsie says:

    Hey MJD, why you dont yse VirtualBox VM? whats the differend beetween Workstation amd Wm?

  23. Jim Dayton says:

    Did it ever ask you for a product key or activation? And can this be installed on something like a Dell Optiplex? And would the XP Drivers work?

  24. Gage Brown says:

    i have a server that have windows server 2003 on it

  25. Raymond Den Heijer says:

    wierd part is that it isnt bootable . or i do something wrong

  26. BOTT Player says:


  27. New Pit's Macing says:

    is it windows server 2003 enterprise?

  28. Robert B. says:

    I do use Windows Server 2003 as a client OS on my normal home PC.
    I use it because it can see much more RAM than Windows XP. Apart from that it's pretty much the same.
    Of course there are a lot of stuff which is only useful if you use it as a server but I just use it as I would (and did) use Windows XP.

  29. MasterGamer123 says:

    windows server 2003 ended

  30. Alan says:

    Can you do server 2008

  31. eltronicgeek1 geek says:


  32. Kyle2000 says:

    Why do you need a server?

  33. 31337 Clan says:


  34. eupher2 says:

    I have a Windows Server 2003 CD. Called Server 2003 Special Edition. It has 2003 Webserver, Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter all on the same CD. No activation or product key needed for any of them.

  35. xDyl says:

    Can you give us a product key now? The support for Server 2K3 ended July, 2015.

  36. Applegame12345 says:

    This is x64?

  37. Luke Watson says:

    If you get 32bit Windows server 2003 enterprise you will be able to use the hack to get updates until 2019

  38. CyndaquilDAC YT says:

    do 2000 advanced server!!!

  39. j7ndominica0 says:

    Two key differences between XP and 2003 are that the later supports more than 4 GB of RAM in 32-bit mode, and it has a TCP/IP stack with CTCP which allows for higher overseas upload speed. The "R2" components are all optional features added to the base SP2 edition. I think it also installs the Scalable Networking Pack which decreases stability.

  40. PikaTV - Archiwum Telewizyjne says:

    key ?

  41. Nate Hinners says:

    Can you do one on  Server 2008

  42. m1chb3ltr3 says:

    I have an iso of windows server 2003 sagitarius, the installation interface looks alot like vista but the thing is that it doesnt let me select the hdd where i want to install the os , does windows server delete every partition ?

  43. Tubasas says:

    Can you do a demo on Windows Server 2016?

  44. teh_supar_hackr 0010101 says:

    make a how to install arch lunix

  45. Prowl says:

    support ended for Win Server 2003, can we have a product key now?

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