David Spade’s writers one-up a viral gender reveal, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith reveal they get high with their kids, and Scott Disick and Sofia Richie engage in some PDA.

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Specializing in celebrities, entertainment and all things apolitical, comedy legend David Spade and a panel of his comedian friends are at the roundtable and in the field to help break down the biggest headlines of the day.

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49 thoughts on “Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith May Get High with Their Kids – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Michael is always trying to whoop the World's Ass, Calm down slim….this is real life now not High school…I got a paper bag we can wet down and let you practice on….lmao

  2. During a series of federal banking robberies by an unstoppable force (stun and inject and impostors and stealth ) a boss of mine from San Francisco and I were examining a bank in in Santa Rosa California in 2000 and the boss pulled a wire apart. I was being stunned again like the robbery and murders in 1999 I survived in Roseville California.

    My bank examiner boss was Jeff torenson. He told me we were being stunned when we got back to San Francisco. Is Jeff still alive?

    In other matters have i mixed in to an insane asylum or have I been lured into a borough of criminals and undercover cops and some the same?

    If I was force fed as a child I would move in with the closet queen in the desert in the rustic shed and bath in the dirt in the hole in the floor.

    Speaking of hole? Is she real? Courtney Love.? She owes me my 50 million dollars.

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  3. Wasn't Sarah Tiana that chick that embarrassed herself arguing with Bill Burr the night Trump got elected? That's my only frame of reference for who she is.

    Edit: Hahaha this never gets old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSeMVsYhD9U

  4. If you are doing drugs and raising kids, you are sacrificing shit that should be going to your kids to do drugs, and you know it!

  5. Love Mikery Rapaport, But the other guests in this clip bring the show to a new low. Specifically Christine P – uurgh, nice enough person (just ask theo v) but seriously unfunny AF. I mean, its supposed to be a comedy, right?

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