With the recent findings of seasonal methane blooms on Mars and now unusual readings of unexplained oxygen levels, the question of “is there microbiological life on the red planet?” goes unanswered. In 1976, NASA sent Viking 1 and Viking 2 with four types of biological experiments. Of these experiments, the Labeled Release Experiment returned positive results on both landers, however the control tests could not confirm the results. Did the Viking landers find life on Mars?

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With Mars Methane Mystery Unsolved, Curiosity Serves Scientists a New One: Oxygen

Curiosity’s Mars Methane Mystery Continues

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45 thoughts on “Why We May Have Already Found Life On Mars with Dr. Patricia Ann Straat

  1. Does Mars have life? Where else in our solar system should we look for life?

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  2. NASA did swabs on landers that were supposed to be bacteria free, and NASA found bacteria. The likelihood that the landers in question were contaminated is quite high, pretty much a certainty. Sending a bacteria free lander to Mars is not a trivial endeavor, borderline impossible.

  3. If microbial was confirmed found on Mars, and it was discovered that they had similar DNA to earth microbial DNA. Perhaps due to panspermia! Would that Martian microbial life still be classed as 'Aliens'?

  4. One day they will admit that Gilbert Levin was the first to discover Alien Life, unfortunately it will most likely be after he's already dead.

  5. I think it is the fact there are too many religious nut jobs who do not want to find life off Earth. Also, hear that they say it costs too much to clean a lander to the point that you would not be just finding travalers from Earth.

  6. Oh marvellous; so possibly our first interaction with alien life involved us killing some of that life intentionally ; – ; I suppose start as we'll presumably go on lol

    Despite that it'd only be bacterial life, I can't help but feel like that's symbolically a poor move lol

  7. This is very interesting. And I can't believe I didn't know about this. JMG, maybe you can interview a naysayer on this issue in the future. This all doesn't add up. I feel like the experiment should be repeated immediately

  8. Waited for this 🙂
    Really interesting. I'm old enough to remember the Viking probes and I didn't remember they performed these tests. Even in these early days it could be contamination from the probe itself? Or not?
    Love these podcasts, thanks to you and the doctor 🙂
    Don't let Anna bite you 😂

  9. All of the planets and some of the moons in this system are inhabited by sentient beings the least of whom are some millions of years more evlved than us. They have great self discipline and are very very spiritual in nature (NOT religious). Remember that evolution IS NOT about technology but about the individual's level of conscious awareness, though yes, they do have advanced technology, which they use in a correct way – for the benefit of all life. We on this Earth chose millions of years ago to use our free will – to do whatever we wanted regardless of the consequencies. The Cosmic beings will not tresspass on our free will and that is why they will not (yet) make a mass landing. There are far too many of us who are not (yet) prepared and could not psychologically handle such a revelation. There are many Martians (for example) who live in vast complexes beneath the Martian surface and also on the higher vibratory planes. Even on our Earth there are some billions of humans physically living on the Astral plane and above who are not known to, or detectable by our current 'science'. We have probably had more visitors to Earth through the centuries and in recent decades from Venus than any other planet, a few from Mars, one or two from Jupiter, and it's moons and two from Saturn – one of whom is still here and has been for a very very long time. I also know of one Venusian who returned to Earth in 1956 and will probably remain here for many further centuries. Many of them can live in virtually any environment found in nature. They do not have to exist on Earth-like planets. This Solar System and our Galaxy are teeming with life.

  10. I can certainly appreciate her perspective that NASA has not repeated experiments for life in the soil, and that seems unusual.

    The wikipedia article on the subject does a good job explaining why the results are not considered positive signal for life.


  11. Microbes. But anything. Capable. Of building. The great structures. Like. The pyramids. Catherdralls of Europe. The Panama canal. Or musical master peices. As. Pink fylods. The wall Or. Lenorard Synard. Freebird or the artist like Davinci van gough

  12. no life at all just wishful thinking and a deep set of hope,we cant even look after life here so looking for it elsewhere is sort of pointless

  13. I've only got a few decades left before I shuffle off this planet. I do hope before then, I get to see there's life elsewhere in the solar system.

    That and see Biden jnr&snr investigated, and Bill Clinton investigated. Those three things will do before I die!

  14. Maybe they don't want to test for life on Mars because if they prove that there is life, it'll throw a monkey wrench into doing human exploration. We know that there would be an outcry to not 'contaminate' Mars and thus would end or complicate any further missions there. So NASA may be ensuring Mars' future for exploration by NOT proving there is life there.

  15. It's going to be pretty embarrassing when we get to Mars and realize all Mars based microbes were carried to Mars by us.

  16. It would be ironic if the Viking lander life experiment, dung up the last life on Mars and sterilized it during the experiment. If there is life on Mars then I expect it'll be found in deep caves or underground.

  17. 36:59 "Nothing is hinting as strongly as Mars"

    Well John, that's probably because Mars has experiments and research done on it. Venus on the other hand does not have any experiments being or having been conducted and yet its indicating from a distance (Dark patches in its atmosphere absorbing UV light) that it may have life, so its really not accurate to say its indicating the most when unlike Venus, Mars never indicated from a distance it may host life

  18. Nasa is a bullshit factory, they never sent man to the moon, and it is obvious they covered up the Viking lander results.

  19. If soviets were still competing, by now we would have explored the whole solar system and there would have been a colony on Mars. Some political situations are so beneficial for progress.

  20. I keep thinking God damn it why could we not have lucked out and had a Mars with say one third the atmospheric pressure of Earth with some standing water on the surface?

  21. What fun is it if we cant see the life and wave to it and get high with it??
    We should keep off of other planets and especially you scientists who believe we evolved from goo. they think we came from goo yet they want to go screw up other planets and that chance for goo to evolve.
    That proves how evil they are and you should find Jesus before its too late and you are cast in to the fire like a dead branch

  22. Wouldn't it be funny if the so-called "nut-cases," from all over the world, were right about the things they have claimed to have seen in various photos.

  23. Very very very Fascinating indeed, almost seems like maybe Nasa didn't want the public to know of the findings, seems that way to me anyway, i hope they do more experiments like this soon. This video was fantastic !

  24. After this conversation i understand why some americans create conspiracy theories about Nasa. I always thought that testing for life was routine in their missions. What could be the explanation for not doing it???

  25. so we get positive results on multiple tests that the worlds best came up with for detecting life on other planets, that have built-in safeguards to prevent false positives, and the response to this… is to yes, go back to mars…. but specifically NOT bring any further tests for detecting life. this is what we do, despite improved technology, high world-wide interest, in response to positive results from testing for life on the closest planet to us. i feel very strongly, that the only reason that you wouldn't send more tests up, is because you either dont need or dont want any new information on the subject. all data since gathered since the tests have only STRENGTHENED the case for life on mars, yet follow up missions do not run further tests. this makes sense in only a small number of scenarios, and all of those scenarios include suppression of information of some kind.

  26. I expect life to be everywhere, as long as enough energy, some kind of environmental protection and enough time for random abiogenesis are present.

  27. The fact we still don't know is a national disgrace. Why not just fund one or two missions that get the answer one way or another. Enough wasting tax dollars. NASA employees are going their entire careers off little missions that lead nowhere.

  28. highly doubt any life there — another scientist falsifying claims to get recognition ,, secure funding and generate book sales !

  29. There ain’t nothing on those barren and desolate cold and violent places out there. don’t waste our tax money on those fancy rovers and space crafts and missions. Fix our roads and bridges and do something about our desperate homeless, sick and addicts population that are on the rise by day.

  30. So, life existed on Mars before Earth.

    When Mars core shut down and the Mars magnetic fields weakened to the point that it couldn't hold the atmosphere to the planet, Martian life was sent to Earth.

    We don't see evidence of civilization on Mars because the surface of the planet has been bombarded by space debris and sand blasted by planet wide sand storms in the millenia since this all occurred.

  31. I would really love to have a concrete answer before I kick the bucket because I th………………"Dammit Ruprecht, I told you to put the bucket away after you had washed out my jacuzzi/throne"

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