Why TikTok is Now the No. 1 Social Media App

CORRECTION – I stated that TikTok was the most valuable private company, that’s incorrect, it’s the most valuable startup. Sorry about that.
TikTok has come out of nowhere and may take many people by surprise. In this episode, we’ll explore where it came from, it’s parent company ByteDance and the controversy surrounding it.

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  1. Midas says:

    Let's all take a moment to realise ColdFusion had to scrounge this vid out of a dead hard drive.

  2. Sidd M says:

    Tik tok is just too cringy

  3. Ashen One From China says:

    In China people's opinions of Tiktok is very divided, some people like it or maybe cannot survive without it, and some people like me dislike it, because it's too stupid.

  4. Pickle Onions says:

    Join tik tok a direct line to the Chinese government who use it to collect your data.

  5. Necromancer189 says:

    World is getting more stranger every passing day.

  6. Frankie says:

    Can't wait to get my hands on a N u t t e PRO 3

  7. MrT3a92 says:

    i didnt knew the app at all lol

  8. ozzyg82 says:

    Something doesn’t feel right regards where these apps are going, on multiple levels.

  9. Demand Real_Liberty says:

    Thanks for the warning… I promise you one thing… "I will never use it!!"

  10. qualityposts2011 says:

    SoftBank has shares in it, https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/SoftBank-s-Vision-Fund-buys-into-operator-of-Chinese-video-app-TikTok

  11. y m says:

    if it's coming from china it cannot be a harmless bit of fun
    tencent is like dysney, they are everywhere, AND they are partners something has to be going on for them
    unless it's just plain old capitalism and a rush for money as always

  12. Ricky Halvorsen says:

    I knew of TiKtok, but I was unaware how huge is has become, and being chinese is worrisome, even Zuckberg is worry about privacy and security.

  13. pcislocked says:

    china is working so hard to beat america at every industry. I'm a Turkish person so I'm kinda neutral against both US and China but if you ask me, China will have waaay worse privacy history compared to Americans(even these are bad enough), but they'll destroy Facebook.

  14. ‏‏‎ says:

    Its number 1 because of zoomers and pedos.

  15. 1CBRDUDE says:

    Sure we need another social media crap Stop wasting your time get out and do something

  16. danielsjohnson says:

    If users have no choice then that is an opportunity to subtly censor stuff ByteDance doesn't like.

  17. Nasir Aziz says:

    Plot twist: Zuckerberg's wife is Chinese and he is calling the kettle black…

  18. y m says:

    this app is not number 1 it's only used by chinese in china
    it's easy to be number 1 when your country's population is the largest on earth
    it's more difficult to be used world wide

    no one from europe will switch to that crap

  19. Aswin - says:

    6:50 lol lol lol cant stop my laughs especially after indian govt spying on whatsapp

  20. Dilip Chauhan says:

    It’s true tik tok is degrading the culture in India, I am not against the app but there should be rules to regulate it ! It’s an Chinese app they regulate everything, why can’t we do that ?

  21. franzb69 says:

    yeah like facebook doesn't censor shit in my country.

    fuck you zuckerburg. you're the same. you're just white.

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