A breakdown of why the Warriors have a realistic and strong chance at being the 2020 NBA Champions.


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The game of Basketball has been my passion since I was 5 years old. I grew up as a kid watching my dad’s recorded VHS tapes of playoff games through the 70s and 80s, and collected all the Basketball cards. Something about the game and what it represents just hooked me from a very young age.
My love for the game only continues to grow as time goes on. I love studying and analyzing the game, with an unbiased perspective. Feel free to subscribe, follow me on social media, and celebrate this amazing game and it’s rich history with me!
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39 thoughts on “Why The WARRIORS May Win It ALL

  1. Lets say you're the Warriors, Klay comes back healthy in February, and the trade deadline is approaching… Do you trade D'Angelo Russell?

  2. I’m a diehard GSW fanboy …. but I still have the Lakers coming out of the west this year with golden state taking them to 6-7 games

  3. Let’s go DUB NATION let them media talk and let them haters talk haters gonna hate that’s why you had to love them haters

  4. That three guard offense, though unconventional, could be real problematic for a lot of teams. It just depends on how Russell plays until Klay returns. There's some size on the inside with Cauley-Stein and Looney, but you probably want a third big that can give you about 4 pts 6 rebs a game in limited minutes. Did anybody sign Jamal Crawford yet? GS also needs bench points and another defender to replace Iguodala.

  5. This dude a warriors bandwagon for saying steph could take a mvp caliber season when literally he failed when the warriors relied on him and willie cauley Stein is terrible on defense

  6. But curry failed to shoot in the playoffs if the warriors r such a contender how come they lost when relying it all on steph

  7. De Angelo is a young player, I prefer not to trade him and develop a three guards system game. They will have issues defending, but the other teams will have issues defending them too.

  8. They lost all their depth in the Durant years. They lost Iggy, who was a brilliant defender and their back up point guard. I don’t think DeAngelo is anything but a good backup PG. They have no draft picks because they gave up WAY too much to get DW, which is ultimately going to be their demise. You also forgot to mention the retirement of Shaun Livingston who guarded taller PG and was critical in the early run they had before Durant. I don’t think Curry WANTS to be the main scoring threat. I think he would prefer being 2nd fiddle despite his talent to be a #1 threat. I think the Warriors will not have another deep playoff run for at least 4 years, and by then it will be past time to start over.

  9. Curry gonna see what its like to play like LeBron he got a taste of it against the raptors. They have no bench and they using dlo for trade bait stop it. They disrespected durant the man that got ya two chips and put his health on the line for ya fuck boys

  10. 😂😂😂That's the funniest hot garbage I've heard this week. Steph had one good game in the finals he would have to do that every game by himself
    Not likely

  11. Everyone is sleeping on Denver. They are younger than all these teams and will take a step forward. I'd say 1 seed in the West.

  12. Maaaaan FUCK these fake fans ”AKA: HATERS” now they lovin the warriors Nah nigga fuck yo stupid ass you aint lovin the warriors until when kd joined them just fuck off

    ”im talkin about the haters”

  13. I totally agree with almost every point in this video!! Great video bro!! Keep em coming & my Dubs are Def Not done!! 🙏🏼💪🏼💯

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