40 thoughts on “Why Tesla’s Cybertruck may be a hit with consumers

  1. This machine is an affordable, economical, bullet-proof urban street tank with a 0-60 of 2.9 seconds that you can power your house on for a week and drag an F-150 uphill kicking and screaming. 🤣

    I want one.

  2. Apparently the window broke because they threw the ball at the window 50 times right before, ironically compromising the glass.

  3. I think truck buyers in general are looking for stats and performance metrics and utility. Cybertruck beats the competition hands down. I also think that it is a very masculine statement maker, which many male truck enthusiasts will love. The truck market in the US is huge, and I suspect this Cybertruck will be taking a huge market share from the other truck makers.

  4. That asshat saying that only nerds will want this? Holy crap man. The thing gets major range, power, utility, strength and off road capacity that’s second to none for a great price. This just shows that most analysts are so far out of touch, they are absolutely worthless.

  5. Once again it's fun to bash Tesla, but this is a superior machine and these dinosaurs don't understand. Just go look at Google Trends and see how much buzz this car is generating. I ordered mine and I know many others have done the same.

  6. Crazy looking, but solid engineering… I was hoping for something like John Steed's big green 1929 Bentley, but I could settle for this…

  7. if the demo show showed more about the payload capacity comparing to the f150 side by side, ppl will realize that is a real truck.

  8. A vehicle for nerds… so… was bladerunner a movie for nerds only? Was everyone that played video games in the 80's a nerd? … man wtf?

  9. I think it's not a pretty vehicle to say the least, but it I think it will be wildly successful. Tesla is in position to dictate what electric truck should look like, same way as Apple made the ugly notch on iPhone but everyone else copied it to look more like Apple. Same way Prius was ugly but it defined the hybrid look. Also, if you are an off road enthusiast but care about the environment, global warming and your gas bill, what other option do you have? This is guilt free hedonism. It's going after the TRD Tacoma, Raptor, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser crowd. I hope Tesla also makes a more practical version to take the F150 on in the construction and public sector. With GM and Toyota pissing off California by siding with Trump, California built Tesla work truck seems perfect for California agencies to buy.

  10. 500 + miles of range, just wait till they implement that into the cars. This extends tesla's battery tech and engineering advantage

  11. More pie in the sky from Musk. Believe it when he is ‘actually’ producing and delivering them. Stop calling it a truck. It looks like maybe a compact Ford truck. It’s gonna out-pull my Cummins Ram 3/4 ton? Doubt that. My truck weights about 7500 lbs. It’s heavy cuz it’s built to pull

  12. How many times did our last creator Steve Jobs "fail" on the stage when it came to problems with Apples products. THIS IS WHY the products get better and better. Elon Musk said it himself: If your not failing your not trying hard enough. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Its maybe corney to say, but: "I BELIVE IN ELON MUSK". Ps: what's up with making the main thing about the glass on the car and not the car itself, Blows all the other pick up trucks away:). Probably because if "you guys" DIDN`T have "THE GLASS MOMENT" the new from CNBC and other fossil driven news would have been:…………………………… Oh shit!:)

  13. The stainless steel panel will last for decades as well as the motors and battery (like a half million miles?). A bullet proof car that requires very minimum maintenance with 20+ years of lifespan and 40k price tag. Two or three of this kind of vehicle have enough energy to power the whole house for weeks when necessary. The new world ahead of us is beyond our imagination, and I am so excited!

  14. With the optional Solar panels you can get 15 miles per day which won't get you far, but you can still live in it without any electricity.

  15. I believe this gonna sell like crazy.
    1 its cheap. 2 the specs are awesome. 3 this is for ppl how like too live outside And live cheap.

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