Why India May Not Test Agni 6 Even If DRDO Is Ready With Technology? India Agni-6 Missile Test

Here is a video about India’s Agni-6 Missile – DRDO Agni-6 Missile | Why India May Not Test Agni 6 Even If DRDO Is Ready With Technology? India Agni-6 Missile Test.

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Agni 5 is India’s most advanced missile and it has been inducted into the service after successive trials. After Agni 5 project ended, there were speculations that the DRDO may have begun working on an ICBM with longer range and payload carrying capabilities.

Many reports have claimed that the DRDO a three-stage Agni VI missile. India has not made any clear statement on the development of Agni 6 which, many opine, may have range between 8,000 km to 10,000 km.

Let’s find out, Why India May Not Test Agni 6 Even If DRDO Is Ready With Technology?

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Hello Defence Lovers, #DefenceGyaanSeries ke is episode No. 379 mai humne apko India ki AGni-6 Missile ke Test ke baare mai bataya hai, Hume Umeed hai ki apko yeh episode pasand ayega.

We have compiled data from the Internet to find out Why India May Not Test Agni 6 Even If DRDO Is Ready With Technology? Join us as we take a closer look at India Agni-6 Missile Test In Detail.

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  1. Defence Squad says:

    #MustWatch : India's Nuclear Triad Weapon List – Indian Nuclear Weapons | Weapons In India's Nuclear Triad
    , Watch Here : https://youtu.be/zZdu4gD9cX8

  2. Soumen Das says:

    India Is Completed Agni 6 Missile And Agni 7 Under The Development ( Agni 7 Range Is 18000 Plus 24000 Kilometre's ).

  3. Chhabi Kumar says:

    Lagta hai India ki government apko parsnali update deti apko defence ka… Kay baat hai bhai

  4. Victor Daniel says:

    Phatu mulk hum darpok hai have to learn from Israel.

  5. Arunabha Sharma says:

    What about Surya ICBM?..

  6. A. K. Das says:

    We don't need.

  7. ZIYAUL HAQ says:

    Pakistan bhi missile ka test kar raha hai jiski range 2.5km hai

    Islamabad se kranchi😂😂😂

  8. vinod sharma says:

    अमेरिका,रूस और चीन के पास ICBM हैं फिर भारत पर ही पाबंदी क्यों?भारत को भी अग्नि 6 जैसे प्रोग्राम पर अवश्य काम करना चाहिए।

  9. The Prince says:

    Agni 6 is hyper sonic missile so remember DRDO is still working on Hyper sonic missile boosters etc so India may not test agni 6 but India will have agni 6 ready Secretly to launch on any country in 1 or 2 year's.!

  10. joydeep Indian army says:

    jai hind jai Bharat

  11. Upendra Singh says:

    Jai hind

  12. Siddharth Kalantri says:

    same way people taught  of nuclear test India should  test without any pressure . also it might help in isro perhaps in heavy lifting capacity perhaps . dual use tech .and funny u did't talk usa having problem   ith it .because its the only countery which get problem if anyone does such test .

  13. perry the great says:

    This was the dumbest explanation i have heard, European nations already opposed agni 5, n china already have 12000km range missile so will they go on international forum……we expect Better explanation from your end

  14. Kausik Sourav Das says:

    We are not designing it as we aren't part of the NSG.so we aren't eligible to bear this weapon

  15. NK says:

    In reality, India is already secretly developing AGNI VII missiles. They already have AGNI VI technology.

  16. Govind Kr Verma says:

    100% India has developed Again 6 missile

  17. Praveen chaudhary says:

    Bmd pe kam karo
    K missiles pe kam kaoo
    Tectical missiles pe kam karoo

  18. Tarun Vijay says:

    Bhai Yar SECREAT weapons ki teasting nahi sidha WAR me use Kiya jatta hai


    Jai hind Har Har Mahadev

  20. Sachin Pal says:

    Kya ye sambhav hai ki bina kisi ko pata chala chupa kr duniya ki nigah sa agni 6 ka test kr liya jaya ??

  21. Rajat Bajpai says:

    To counter Chinese DONG FANG 41 …we Indian need Some inter contineantal missile…

  22. sage is S. says:

    Pakistan has much better 250 km range missile 😶

  23. Shubransu Sahoo says:

    I Think Indian government is keeping it secret like Pokhran

  24. Roman Reings says:

    I THINK I am LAST😅

  25. Sudipta Ghosh says:

    A video all about Indian NAVY

  26. Aepha Wangpan says:

    Hamara Missile America tk pnch na hai yaar or baraOo missile ka Rnch

  27. THE SINNER says:

    India ko Turkey ke sath political conflict karna hoga.. iske bad ham world ko bol sakte hai ki hamara ek enemy hamse thoda dur hai.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. THE SINNER says:

    Jab k4 missile ko secretly bana sakte hai to agni 6 kon si badi bat hai..😉..

  29. Lenovo A7700 Android says:

    I think drdo will mindfully test all the components & tech. Of agni 6 on different upcoming missiles , so that it can later assemble the tested futuristic component to a combine "AGNI 6 ICBM"…….

  30. Tej Singh says:

    हर बाते पब्लिक डोमेन में थोड़ी होती हैं

  31. partha ghosh says:


  32. Shubham P says:

    Bhai Agni 6 to baccha hai,waha DRDO ke official lab me Surya missile ki latest pics viral ho chuki hai.

  33. Tony Tony says:

    Sir plz make a one video of Pakistan why not test shaheen 4

  34. Ritesh Nigam says:

    Mere hisab se DRDO ko bana kr reveal nhi krna chahiye….isse "SECRET"

  35. A D says:


  36. Kushal Mewar says:

    National security ke sath koi compromise nhi, India should definitely go on with Agni 6 missile but very secretly….
    Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  37. Sandeepkumar Singh says:

    अग्नी- 6 का फुल रेंज(10000-12000 Km) में टेस्ट करके इसका रेंज 5000 Km का घोषित नहीं कर सकते हैं। DRDO जो घोषणा करेगी दुनिया उसी को तो मानेगी।

  38. Mani Agarwal says:


  39. Mani Agarwal says:

    Regular viewer..

  40. Amrinder Kaur says:

    Hlo defense squad

  41. Shuvadeep Roy says:

    Nice vedio vedio brother 👍👍👍🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Jai Bharat

  42. Nikhil Singh says:

    Thanks sir 👍 for answering my questions and hope for the best for Agni 6

  43. vignesh varma says:

    accounding to me agni 6 is already in ready mode but not yet publicy discolsed

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