Who REALLY Dribbled Past Van Djik?

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Football is probably the most complex sport out there. It includes so many key components like attack, midfield,defense and goalkeeping. Moreover, you need to develop certain tactics and playing style in order to make your game top-notch. It’s a shame that even though that this game includes so many complex components the world only seems to care about the attacking positions.

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  1. GOALSIDE! says:

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  2. Albert Beukes says:

    Aaron wan-Bisaka has a better one on one record than him

  3. Albert Beukes says:

    Nicolas Pepe of arsenal gave him a nutmeg just a few months back

  4. anielouis louisanie says:


  5. realnesx says:

    You know your amazing when people make videos about players Dribbling past you. How many top defenders are there in the world?

  6. Hyperface Enzo says:

    Harzard dribbled past him lol

  7. Miguel Sackey says:

    Bernardo Silva dribbled pass him both club and national duties

  8. Jwnna Barma says:

    Most parts of the video is not worthy and the main clip of dribble passing him is not shown.

  9. karunanithi n.ramachandran says:

    A defender working alone will find it really hard to minimize the number goals scored against them.
    Now, when it comes to two players working in tandem ….
    My favorite duo ? Without hesitation, it's Tony Adams and Martin Keon from Arsenal.

  10. karunanithi n.ramachandran says:

    After reading the comments I am starting to think the term " football fan " is a misnomer.
    The super star footballer you love cannot do anything wrong, and there is always something not right about the star from the opposing team.
    Are we really becoming more fans of the clubs we support and the star players we have ?
    As for Van Djik, what's really amazing about him is not so much his ability to restrict forwards from dribbling past him, but his ability to steal the ball from between the legs of star players who are super adept at keeping possession of the ball, and doing this 90 % of the time without committing a foul.
    Van djik reminds me of one Dutch defender who was part of the total football team of the 70's alongside Johan Cruyff . Was it Neeskens ? Lately I have been having trouble recalling names.
    If I don't remember in the morning after a good night's sleep, I will have to google.

  11. Sai Ful says:

    No one have dribbled past lindelof too in this season

  12. SB Muan says:

    Lots of people did it Sane, son, and all did it in 2018/19 . Should have watch more before barking here

  13. D J says:

    Van djik is just a overrated player..he is good with Liverpool but
    firmino,mane,salah deserve billions time more credit than van djik

  14. DIPESH BASNET says:

    all the time you shouldn't be striker to be hero. Defenders are also a real hero. He his a best defender till date.

  15. Castle Black says:

    Wait for Neymar this champions League

  16. Khandu Wangchuk says:

    He is the best defender that even getting dribbled past few times is a big news!

  17. Essi Evanz says:

    Wan bissaka better than him by far but and that punk playing against rashgord look regular. Daniel James made him look like a piece of crap every time he foul on rashy and James with his partner fabinho lol. He is no wall rashford had him flying when he tried to shoulder shrug Marcus lol.

  18. jm12 says:

    Koulibaly betters him!

  19. IN says:

    Messi have dribble passed him and many more 🤷‍♂ but! It's only one here in your video

  20. W Lishan Dzowa says:

    Nicolas Pepe passed him against arsenal

  21. All About Sports says:

    bernardo vs Tottenham 😂

  22. Shannon Payne says:

    All the haters want to complain and say that he’s been dribbled past but being dribbled past only like five times in a whole year is pretty insane

  23. MUFC 202 says:

    Well Nicolas Epps did dribble past him

  24. Alen Benny says:

    I think De ligt is one of the best defenders in the world now.

  25. Blackz CSY says:

    Rashford and James dribbled past him 🤷🏿‍♂️

  26. Robert BN Lomotey says:

    Napoli’s Koulibaly 🔥

  27. Martin Mwaniki says:

    What is a ballon dEor?🤣🤔🤔 isn't it pronounced ballon dor?

  28. Jared Roestoff says:

    No Ramos still better and scores more goals than Liverpool's midfielders

  29. Miha says:

    "No one dribbled past Lovren"

    Thats bcs he doesnt even play

  30. batkuparklyngdoh Klyngdoh says:

    I agree Virgil Van Dijk is the best defender in the world

  31. Adin says:

    Problem is majority of these people never see Maldini play he did for over 20 years Virgil only doing it for two years

  32. Gervason M says:

    Wan bissaka is the best 😎

  33. paul mccarthy says:

    Rashford went past him twice in old trafford….he is also a centre half this is just Liverpool propaganda

  34. Constantine Joseph says:

    No player can maintain their peak all the time and soon he will lose that quality. But whilst he is at the zenith of his prowess, as a football fan, I appreciate every moment of it

  35. Day Moran says:

    Just a tip. Look up how to pronounce some names and words (like Ballon d'Or) before you read the script dude.

  36. mhtbfecsq1 says:

    its silly to say that a defender could never be dribbled past. The fact that you can count on one hand how many people managed to get past him shows how good he is. Its impossible to have a 100% success rate at anything. Same as its impossible for someone as amazing as messi to ALWAYS dribble through defences.

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