Where to get some of the best Coffee drinks in Walt Disney World

hey friends today I show you some of my favorite coffee flavored drinks and luckily there are three in Epcots World Showcase even though my number one Coffee Spot is Kona Cafe I decided to show you a couple of others not just Starbucks or Joffrey’s

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  1. Paging Mr. Morrow says:

    Thank you guys for watching the video and if you like it make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you also know of any cool coffee spots let me know in the comments

  2. S JH says:

    I love everything about this video! Nothing better than some coffee and some Epcot.

  3. Lisa Cole Vlas says:

    Wine Bar George at Disney Springs has a drink called The Wake Up Call. It's espresso infused Barsol Pisco with Caffe Barghetti Espresso liqueor. I just had it yesterday for an early Birthday Brunch. It's excellent and a must try.

  4. Crin Palmer says:

    Were you bouncing off the walls all day? 😂

  5. Matt says:

    BEST video IDEA yet!!!! Beautifully inspiring and wonderfully out of the way must-try localles.

  6. Wendy G says:

    Pressed pot at Kona is my coffee on property too

  7. Jill Burns says:

    I can’t wait to try the coffee from France. That looks delicious. Thanks for the video.

  8. Kilroy Kaufmann says:

    Thanks for this! Never intended to visit the Joy of Tea… until now!!

    New subscriber, love the channel! Keep up the good work!! 😄

  9. Totes1829 says:

    I had a dark roast coffee at Le Cellier in the Canada pavilion and it was absolutely incredible

  10. David Thacker says:

    We just saw the Shanghai Disney exhibit this year for the first time.

  11. A Berger With Everything says:

    You are so silly, going to Epcot just for Epcot 🤣 awesome. I want to taste all the coffees you got! What goes good with a good cup of coffee?! A donut!!!! Haha I want the cold coffee with ice cream!!!!!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhh

  12. No Nose says:

    Gave a thumbs up. Haven't seen "Yip" in videos since Valentine's Day….????

  13. Christopher Ayers says:

    Hey Nate, so happy to meet you this day. Thank you for talking to us bro!

  14. Bubba Ray Biscuit says:

    Those look fantastic! Thanks Nate!

  15. Sheryl Challis says:

    It was lovely to meet you on the day you were filming this! We have just arrived home and we miss it already!

  16. Timbo12 says:

    Another great video Nate. 👍 I have been to Epcot many times and you showed coffee I was not aware of. The coffee tour is a great idea. Thank you!

  17. Denise Brann says:

    Love me some coffee. I typically just hit up Starbucks or Joffrey’s, so thanks for sharing these hidden gems.

  18. The Tactical Traveler says:

    I love the Moorish coffee in Morocco. I haven't tried that delicious looking coffee from France, it is on my list for next week for sure.

  19. Kim Nguyen says:

    Wow Nate!! Thank you so much for this. We LOVE espresso and never even thought about getting it in Morocco. We typically would just get iced americanos at Starbucks. Now we really wanna try that next time we're in Epcot. And as usual..youre awesome! 🤙

  20. Eric Neumann says:

    Good intro music for today.

  21. Kevin Noyes says:

    "I can hear guardian's of the galaxy mixtape blasting in my soul now after all this coffee" ~ Nate

  22. Zig Zagman says:

    Great! Now you need to do one of these for each of the other 3 parks, as well as for the resorts… If you can put up with that much coffee, of course.

  23. New England Amusements says:

    most coffee at WDW sucks especially Joffrey's, I agree Morroco has good coffee.. but the best place is the Kona Cafe at the Poly… you don't reservation you can get it to go …

  24. Melissa Butt says:

    I'd love to try the last coffee, yum!!!!

  25. RACHEL COLVEN says:

    How about a best popcorn vlog?

  26. RACHEL COLVEN says:

    Great vlog Nate, I’m a coffee monster, will definitely put the Moroccan coffee and tipsy duck on my list for next time. I love Epcot and your vlogs 😚

  27. Tommy Travels says:

    I'm not a coffee drinker but that was a great idea for a video! Well done! 👍👍😊

  28. Lets Go Flying says:

    What camera / phone do you use? Great picture! Subbd!

  29. Jon Valett says:

    Another great video, Nate. You're really carving out a unique niche lately. Keep up the great ideas.

  30. leslie morgan says:

    🐝🐝🐝you are buzzin like a bee

  31. Linda Wooten says:

    I’m not a coffee fan but am definitely a Nate fan…..you gave us some great footage of some of these countries!

  32. Jose De La Rosa says:

    New Subscriber Here!
    🎩 ((Watched & Liked!))


  33. Patricia Kenny says:

    I like my caffeine cold. 😉

  34. SurfBum says:

    for me , kona at the poly

  35. Dani.702 says:

    The title was screaming at me. My first video of yous and very important topic!! Now I know were to go WooHoo.

  36. Catherine Schubert says:

    I would never have know about those! Thanks Nate! Any more coffee secrets in the other parks/DS? Do I sense a series coming? =D

  37. Pamela A. Cobb says:

    Great job on the b roll!❤❤ Thanks for sharing

  38. MyDahlonegadream says:

    So nice to “share” coffee with you this morning! Thanks for another great video😀

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