What's inside a Fidget Cube?

We CUT OPEN a Fidget Cube! VERY interesting to see inside!
Buy this Fidget Cube here via our affiliate link:

Anxiety, Stress, restlessness, OCD, ADHD there are SO MANY people that could benefit from using this Fidget Cube. Even kids and toddlers have been found to really enjoy using it. Could be the toy of the year.


Filmed in 4k on this camera:

The company that invented the idea of the Fidget Cube reached out and let me know that the cubes we used in the video were not from that company. If you are interested in the main fidget cube brand here is the link:

WARNING: We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto “We cut things open so you don’t have to.” so we do not recommend you try anything we do.

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  1. Fido Didodol channel says:

    Fidget cube make me more confident…

  2. lilyan tapp says:

    whats inside a tumbling log toy!!

  3. Alistair De waard says:

    Look at little Lincoln

  4. on bekend says:

    thank you! i always wondered how my figetcube worked, thanks to you guys i don't have to break it apart 😀

  5. reichrobertl says:

    what about you open a i phone 11 pro

  6. M. Khizer says:

    3:31 when lincoln hits puberty

  7. Jasyn Capiro says:

    :Fidget cube: please help me! 🙁

  8. Noob ReaperFTW says:

    What’s inside a brain

  9. Galaxy Gamer says:

    Can you do a whats inside the original fidget cube?

  10. Be Kind says:

    Rubix cube gets plastic surgery -~

  11. TechRickyRoss says:

    I used to have a fidget cube

  12. TTVMr_Bat47's gaming moments says:

    Not to offend anyone but….those button at 4:02 look like a swastika

  13. Biberbuilder says:

    talks about knock-off Fidget Cubes – 2 secs later – shows knock-off Fidget Cube in video

  14. Travis Lungren says:

    Are you guys Mormon cause Lincoln was wearing a BYU shirt cause I am to

  15. Itz Meh Indigo says:

    I’m about to cry because I used to watch these videos all the time ;w; but anyway I need a fidget cube 😂

  16. Predictable Enigma says:

    Wow these are both knock offs

  17. Vanessa The Wolf says:

    I need one..

  18. Rose Monnette says:

    I got a cube fidget to I'm playing with it right now

  19. Ray 1187 says:

    i have 2 fidget cubes. one was about £4 and the other was about £8. but the £8 one was a lot better quality, and works perfectly meanwhile the £4 one doesn't work as good and feels like a mcdonalds toy. so don't waste your money on cheap ones. buy an expensive one with good reviews. you wont regret it.

  20. Debbie Cooper says:

    I think taking it apart looks more fun then fidgeting with it.

  21. Jada Neale says:

    i got one of these and always take it into exams

  22. Adrian Reynoso says:

    I’ve honestly did the same think I gave it to my little cousin he bites the parts out when I saw what’s inside I was amazed 👇like if u did the same thing

  23. Alliance number US - says:

    Purchase page lost

  24. Philippe Turgeon says:


  25. Skyla Wright says:

    This is the first video I liked as in clicked the like button

  26. Benjamin Chau says:

    It's like $3 in ebay

  27. Jordan Santiago says:

    Cut a alexa

  28. Hadi Hadi says:

    Why don’t you cut Open a MacBook Pro 💻

  29. Ricky roll says:

    What’s inside Lincoln

  30. P Rising says:


  31. KC Universe says:

    the metal ball can also click, that metal wasn't to just to hold it in place

  32. Legominder says:

    Shopping is not a hobby.
    Unncecessary stuff like this is not worth resources.

  33. barbora candrakova says:

    Thinks are for play not to doing bad

  34. Hey Little You Studios says:

    my son plays with figit spinners to fiddle with he lost one behind the couch r.i.p

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