What is Tamil Nadu’s new Electric Vehicle Policy?

The Tamil Nadu State Government introduced its first-ever electric vehicle (EV) policy. The Tamil Nadu Electric Vehicle Policy, 2019, provides for various concessions to manufacturers of e-vehicles. Tamil Nadu, known as the Detroit of South India, accounts for 6.4% of the electric vehicles sold in the country as of July 31, 2019.
To encourage start-ups in the EV sector, incubation services will be offered in the form of office space, common facilities and mentoring support.
An EV Venture Capital Fund will be created to offer financial support to EV start-ups to enable them to scale up their business.
EV-related and charging infrastructure manufacturing units will be provided 100% exemption on electricity tax till December 2025.
Units that obtain land by sale or lease shall be entitled to 100% exemption on stamp duty for transactions till December 2022. Units that obtain land from SIPCOT, SIDCO or other governmental agencies will be provided a 15% subsidy on the cost. They will be provided 50% subsidy if the investment is in the southern districts.
The government will provide a higher capital subsidy of 20% of the eligible investment over 20 years in cases where units are engaged in making EV batteries.
Amendment to building and construction laws will ensure that charging infrastructure is integrated at the planning stage itself for all new constructions in cities.
Chennai is home to major automobile manufacturing firms, including Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, TVS, Mahindra and Daimler

source: https://goindocal.com/

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  1. vishwas rana says:

    Need of charging pont atpetrol pump

  2. Screw Ball says:

    Yes , giving the head start to a cleaner environment ! Very , very good and keep it up 👍 hope others follow you !

  3. shield dx says:

    Super good news for Tamilnadu

  4. Viki H says:

    I'm from Karnataka Bangalore and I'm Kannadiga and it's always a better policy brought by Tamil Nadu government, I don't know why we don't bring such changes !!!.. all our political leaders think about is authority and money !!!…

  5. game changer says:

    Proud to born in our tamizhnadu
    Number one richest state in India in all suspects
    Proud to be tamizhan also

    Salute to my tamizhnadu government

    Our India is a richest country not poor country

  6. Pijush A Sinha says:

    North India so busy in mandir-masjid, and all kinds of casteism, and South India is continuously proving there worth in this Country…

  7. Vabhilash Crazy says:

    Cool hats of to the government of Tamil Nadu they are at least concerned bout the environment good move folks love from a Telugite 😊

  8. chirag bishnoi says:

    UP government should learn something from them

  9. Allan dsouza says:

    Flop. Battery technology isn't improved . We are still stuck in lithium ion battery . Disposal after 5 years will make new big environment hazard.

    Graphite' battery technology should be implemented and should do more research on these things. Or LNG/CNG is more viable option than electric. First up all to produce electricity we use polluted and highly radio active material like nuclear energy and coal . And our govt can't even assure 24*7 electricity to rural village.

  10. Anand Kumar says:

    Yo TN should not depend on the south. Please spend money on the desalination plants

  11. Vijayanathan Stephen says:

    Wonderful ! I proud of India !

  12. Tapas Mandal says:

    Why other indian states are doing? Tamilnadu is leading the league. Other indian states k CMs bhosdiwale hai ki aage soch nehi sakte. Tamilnadu is developing and will leave behind other states very soon. good going tn.

  13. yogender mishra says:

    Go go tamilnadu
    Love from Delhi

  14. GANESH KUMAR says:

    Tn is Detroit of south asia

  15. anik sinha says:

    I think there should be one comprehensive policy for whole nation

  16. JSR 500 says:

    Tamilnadu rocks in electric vehicle policy….

  17. pulz 01 says:

    Can you make a video on how Odisha has decreased it's poverty and how it social landscape is changing? And the impact?
    Also how the education and health landscape of Government institutes is changing massively in Delhi? And it's impacts?

  18. Miraaj Muhammad says:

    Good news …Congrats to Tamilians from Andhra Pradesh…😎

  19. Abhishek Sinhku says:

    Chennai rising !!!! But does it help in climate change . we need more state to follow it footsteps

  20. Varun Kailas says:

    Fantastic initiative. Other states must emulate this model ! Only then can we bring in serious investment into India in the ongoing electric car revolution.

  21. Panther says:

    plz plz plz
    narrate the news also

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