What is reality? What our best equations may be trying to tell us

What is reality? What is the standard model trying to tell us? Are we living in the 11 dimensions of string theory?

The holy grail of physics is a theory of everything. It may show the origin of all forces coming from one master force, and the origin of all particles coming from one super particle. It would be the ultimate answer to every question that asks why something is the way it is.

We don’t have a theory of everything, but we do have something that comes close. This is called the standard model of particle physics. This model explains the subatomic makeup of all the atoms, explains chemistry, magnetism, nuclear physics, and many other things.

But the Standard model does not predict absolutely everything. There are 19 parameters that it does not predict. These parameters have to be calculated through measurement and put in as constants within the model.

These are.
Masses of six quarks and three of the leptons
Mass of Higgs boson and strength of the Higgs field
Mean lifetime of How 4 of the quarks decay (down, strange, charm, bottom)
Strength of electromagnetic field, strong and weak forces
A number describing the strong force interaction between quarks and gluons

There is nothing that predicts these. It is just the way our universe happens to be. There may be an underlying theory that shows that these constants could not be anything other than the numbers we see, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What would happen if these constants were some other number? Our universe would be anywhere from being slightly different to being completely different. This is the crux of the fine tuning argument, that these constants appear to be such that life in our particular universe can exist.

If these constants are arbitrary, then it may lend credence to the multiverse theory of reality. In other words, there could be universes where every variation of these numbers has happened.

A version of the most studied theory of everything, and the one that has the greatest number of physicists working on it, predicts such a vast number of multiverses. This is M-theory which is a theory that unites all the consistent versions of String Theory. M-theory brought all of the string theories together. It did this by asserting that strings are really one-dimensional slices of a two-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11 dimensional spacetime. Some estimates have shown that the number of multiverses predicted by the theory is 10^500 power.

This theory requires a universe with up to 11 dimensions, because the strings have to be able to vibrate in this number of dimensions in order for the theory to work mathematically. 11 dimensional mathematics is so complex that the theory has been derided by many because it’s mathematics can be manipulated to represent almost any imaginable universe. But, what if it’s true? Maybe almost any imaginable universe actually exists.

But where are the other dimensions? We only see 3 spatial dimensions, and 1 time dimension.
String theorists say that these dimensions may be compactified on a very small scale.

For example if you go down to the scales that are closer to the scale of a plank length, extra dimensions may be complex shapes, like a Calabi-Yau manifold. This is a mathematical shape that can contain all of the 6 missing dimensions. The way strings vibrate determines the particles that they represent. In string theory, the strings and their vibrations are affected by the geometry in which those strings are moving.

The issue is that the shape of those extra dimensions is not known, but if it was known, then the mathematics of String theory could tell you exactly what the vibrations would be. And this would give us a theoretical basis for the free parameters.

Can we test for these other dimensions? It turns out we can, using the Large Hadron Collider.
If after a collision of particles at extremely high energy, scientists detect less energy than was present in the two particles before the collision, then this would be an indication that the extra energy may have been transferred to these extra dimensions.

But string theory may still imply that there could be other universes where the shapes of those extra dimensions are different than what we observe. So why does our universe happen to be the way that it is? There doesn’t seem to be any reason for that.

An intriguing testable possibility is that we are part of a large multiverse. Perhaps one of a multitude of membranes of the M-theory.
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It may be that we just happen to find ourselves in that one universe out of innumerable other ones where the shapes of our compactified dimensions happen to be such that life is possible. There is no other membrane where we would find ourselves.

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  1. Thomas Fleig says:

    I just want to know what consciousness is, and if it continues on after we die.

  2. classictutor says:

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  3. Kreuz Ritter says:

    I do have such a theory!

  4. daniel oamha says:

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  5. Sterling Archer says:

    2021 launch for the James Web telescope. 🙁

  6. Joe Finberg says:

    Anthropic Principle

  7. Ipsit Kumar Dhal says:

    atoms molecules etc are paid actors by God🙄🙄…just to waste our time searching for the reality till we die😭😭😭

  8. Cosmic Particles says:

    Wow your channel grew quick, and its still awesome! I hope you see this short video Arvin, it is my rough explanation for the math behind the fundamental physics particles in the multiverse (animated with blender) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovv6tRyq3Wc hopefully it can inspire more great imagination, and be explained with the proper math? Cheers!

  9. Joerg Kohl says:

    universe and system 017 reality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVcIpsfYh7w

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    It's a Byproduct of multi space layers and quantum existence
    It's dependent functions
    Reasonable hypothesis

  12. Optimus Phoenix Prime says:

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    Reciprocal energy
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    "the second law of thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time" · [more]
    lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
    "a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme"
    disorder · disarray · disorganization · disorderliness · untidiness · chaos · [more]
    (in information theory) a logarithmic measure of the rate of transfer of information in a particular message or language.
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  13. Optimus Phoenix Prime says:

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  14. Colonel K says:

    These are awfully complex explanations. One would think the underlying forces at work in the universe would be simple and very basic. It makes no sense to me that the universe would start off complex and progress to the simple. It would be akin to the super computer making the abacus possible.

  15. Optimus Phoenix Prime says:

    Infinity -0+ infiniy
    . -1+
    Singularity Expansion

  16. Optimus Phoenix Prime says:

    Different layers of space i'm almost sure
    Like a sheet and blanket (metaphor)
    Gravity is waves like anything else
    Before the expansion and after the expansion
    Multi layers multi dimensions multi spaces
    Gravity probably interacts within spaces
    Multi spaces
    Sense you don't know anyway

  17. Saddam Hussein says:

    Answer to everything? i…..i have it. i worked all my life….. and i believe i finally have the answer.
    The true nature of Existence, reality, and everything is….oh boy. i cant believe i am actually saying it….. its…


  18. Hugo says:

    The true nature of reality is conscientious. There are reality actually only consciousness even a rock is consciousness it can only exist in consciousness

  19. Mad T scientist says:

    For the record gravity is easily explainable when you think of it as magnetic forces pulling on your body just as a negative magnet flies to the positive magnet.sorry to be so gruesome but same thing happens when someone jumps offer the empire State building their body is magneticly pulled towards the center of the Earth just as the magnet might check once it hits the other magnet our bodies break when they hit the ground

  20. John 100 says:

    A god is not female or male, god created man and woman, so saying god is he or she is not the right word. God is God. God is Spirit that science can never determine is true or false. God will come to you at the door of your mind, if you open the door you will know God and that is the only way.

  21. John 100 says:

    Gravity does not exist it's a result of mass warping space and the space that is warped would tend to return to a nurture state this is what gravity is an effect of warped space. There are no gravitons they will never be found

  22. Chris Russell says:

    the numbers are what they are because of earlier works like faraday and gauss and coulumb coming up with numbers so things like ohms law works neatly. change the value of E and suddenly the E=IR rule falls apart. etc. ever tried using egs? why is that 10 times more than an ampere? because the original unit was too large and unwieldy. farads? its a huge value, so most of the time we use micro farads. sure, thats only factors of ten, but if any values had been given other constants based on other units at some point… the maths would be incredibly insane.

    one will always be one. in no universe can one ever be anything but one.

    theory. theory. theory. yet its all taught as FACT. they are THEORIES. NOT facts. not laws. THEORIES. made upon observations but not proven to be 100% correct yet.

    why is it that steinmetz, faraday, hertz, and the law of conservation all suggest or depict EM waves as being 90 degrees out of phase (magnetic and electric fields) yet all these physicists keep telling us they are in phase?

    if theyre are in phase…you have to forget about the conservation of energy, as the two forms of energy – electrostatic versus magnetic – are proportionally opposite values. one is potential energy. one is kinetic energy. the total energy must remain the same as they change from one state to the other.

    yet the physicists that tell us to follow the law of conservation then go and ignore it in some of the most fundamental aspects.

    to quote tesla… "they impresst me as works of fiction" (in regards to all this quantum tomfoolery, and yes, he spells it with a T and not "ed".)

  23. John 100 says:

    It's all a bunch of probability wave packets where all outcomes can be possible

  24. Robo Cop says:

    This is like the flat earth hypothesis. Only 19, there are far more, not to say that this is in no way proof of parallel universes but just constants that haven't been described in relations yet. I mean where in the world does the idea of a parallel universe possibility even come in with these calculations. Yes, the numbers are real precise but so is everything in physics, pi for example is really precise yet we don't go around saying there are parallel universes because of it because it would make no sense, in the same way this theory or even the string theory for that matter makes no sense whatsoever.

  25. Peter Jongsma says:

    Stick with The Anthropic Principle.
    Those constants allow Humans.
    They are not Arbitrary.
    Multiple Universes are a ridiculous Fudge.

  26. Gaileen Kern says:

    You failed to mention the particles discovered in Antarctica that have no place in the model. It’s physical proof that this model is wrong. They have to rewrite the whole thing or come up with a new theory.

  27. MrBeancounter007 says:

    probably gravity does not exists, the only thing that may exist is electromagnetism.

  28. Christobanistan says:

    I fear this oversimplied quantum physics stuff, while very interesting, is pushing less mentally equipped people into the arms of woo-woo charlatans like Deepak Chopra. This video is not really a problem, but others certainly are, such as the one on the Quantum Erasor experiment, which has been proved incorrect in several follow up experiments. Also, there is NO need for consciousness in the "observer" in the double-slit experiment, for example; "observation" in this context is literally a collision or interaction by ANY other subatomic particle. It's got nothing whatsoever to do with human intelligence.

    It doesn't help that such videos on the double-slit experiment have a human eye doing the observing, whereas a camera or laser is all that's needed. The strange effect occurs even if no human or intelligent being ever looks at the results.

  29. jeffrey spinner says:

    I don't understand how you can take the physics and predictive models of 4% of the universe that we can see or measure, and consider extrapolating that knowledge to the whole system. That seems like an introductory statistics no no, like the extension of a regression line well beyond the data. How is that not what you're doing?

  30. Marc Ausländer says:

    5:58 does it means 10^500 universe or 10^500 possible shapes for each micro dimensions.?

  31. bob zealand says:

    If you want to gain more knowledge

    Read more

  32. Marc Ausländer says:

    Does these quarks really exist or are they just a mathematical model used to describe the theory?

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