Now I have her blocked! She’s not on my mind! I don’t care what she does! I’ve been super busy trying to live my best life! She’s a bigger YT’er than me! Mocha don’t let your food get cold on your plate by watching what’s on mine! Please Unsubscribe from my page Mocha! Now watch she go play victim, get back up, sneak diss & then act like she’s the bigger person & above all this but she’s just as sneaky & petty! Leave this single mother alone you big bully 😉
#LeaveMeAlone #Mocha #KeepItMoving

source: https://goindocal.com/

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9 thoughts on “Welcome To My Page Mocha! I’m Jealous of You But You’re Trying To Keep Up With Me 🤔

  1. Wow, these so-called married women are supposed to be worrying about their Husbands and children and not engaging in petty YT beefs.

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