Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grill Review – Part 1 Virtual Showroom

Go to for Part 2 of this review to read how it performed in cooking and other tests in detail. Lot’s of questions about this one. We understand many are curious about this new product. Please read our review which may address some of your questions.

Weber invited us for a first look and cook with their new SmokeFire Pellet Grill coming out in 2020 and we jumped at the chance. We’ll reserve final judgement until after our full test procedure is complete. However, Weber may have a hit on their hands with what promises to be an all-in-one smoker & high temp grill.

On Cyber Monday, December 2, SmokeFire will be available for pre-orders in 24″ and 36″ sizes on Amazon, Weber and Lowe’s websites.

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  1. Lee Mc callig says:

    Hi if anyone hasn't noticed there is a MAJOR FLAW to the smoke fire it has to be plugged in to work wouldn't a internal battery be the better option for true grillers

  2. ctweedter says:

    Wow great design. Nice features

  3. Jeff says:

    Do some pellet smokers deliver a more authentic smoke house flavor than others? If so, where does this product stack up?

  4. Steve Wood says:

    There is no talk of wifi on this …???

  5. Anthony Carr says:

    Love my charcoal Weber but this looks outstanding

  6. Eric Anderson says:

    Do you have the dimensions of the 36" one?

  7. Azvoltman Phoenix says:

    My wife hates you now

  8. Dave Gangel says:

    My RECTEC Bullseye is a pellet grill too, it reaches 650+ easily to sear steaks

  9. Learn to BBQ says:

    Was this a review? It sounds like you are reading their brochure. So when do we see a REAL review?

  10. Kenneth Wanczyk says:

    does the ash and grease mix together in the catch basin? if so i would be concerned of a grease fire.

  11. Zalde Sapla says:

    What kind of power supply does it have?

  12. Coffee. Death metal. Pushups. says:

    Flavorizor bars seem like a silly gimmick to me. Without a drip tray, cleanup has to inevitably be a pain in the ass. Also, I fail to see how pushing the pellets upwards, against gravity, is going to help avoid jams. Just my 2 cents.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on reviews as folks get some quality time in with it.

  13. thedoeweb says:

    Did they not let you test the innovation of this grill?

  14. Joe Perez says:

    I seen a video of it being used with the Gourmet System, any news on that? Also, I read your write-up, great job as always!

  15. pitis2flie says:

    Shut up and take my money! Lol. I’m gonna have to sell my WSM and my Genesis to help pay for and make room for this!

  16. T Rizz says:


  17. AlfadorMax says:

    Which model were you standing next to? The smaller 24 inch one? I was thinking of the bigger one at first but if it fits a full brisket, I'm content with that. Looked pretty big in the vid.

  18. Grill Sergeant says:

    I can't wait to preorder this!

  19. Livingthedream says:

    Where’s the vent tube or cut outs to allow smoke to ventilate?

  20. Robert Marshall says:

    looks like Weber may have a winner here, I like some of the stuff you showed in the review, but wonder how accurate and steady it holds the set temperature. once my rec tec dies which should be a few years away I will have to look at the weber.

  21. Ryan Bramich says:

    Looks fantastic. Is the lid also double wall insulated similar to the timberline or would it need a blanket to hold temps in the wintertime potentially?

  22. CmdrVOODOO says:

    I have a weber kettle and a weber genesis. I also am in the market for a pellet smoker to upgrade my current "budget" GMG pellet smoker, but it has to be great at BBQ, not grilling. I'll be interested to hear how it does with brisket and pork butt.

    The price is certainly better than the Yoder YS640s I was considering. But again, it has to be able to turn out great bbq first and foremost for me.

  23. Ron Mellum says:

    Do you happen to have the dimensions for the lower grill on the 24" model? I believe that was the one used in the trial run cook.

  24. The Real Joey B says:

    A first view, thought it was a New Traeger Timberline Model…this unit looks small with a lot of parts, good luck on taking on me 1300…do love me weber kettles tho…

  25. White Thunder BBQ says:

    Are they only making 1 size?

  26. Joel Benavidez says:


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