The family of a young Vietnamese woman has come forward, fearing she was among 39 people found dead in a container truck east of London.
Relatives of the 26-year-old say they have not heard from her since receiving distressing text messages in which she described suffocating.
Police in Essex have arrested a fourth person on suspicion of human trafficking and manslaughter.
A 25-year-old truck driver from Northern Ireland remains in custody after he was arrested at the scene on Wednesday.
Al Jazeera’s Emma Hayward reports

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31 thoughts on “Watch: Vietnamese family fears their daughter may be among Essex victims

  1. Anyone heard what the CNN reporter said?use the tragedy to attack China, what a shame of CNN what a shame of the reporters in USA

  2. Vietnam, China, both are only good at exploiting people to death. And their oppression too.

    Meanwhile, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan are working to change their images.

    China and Vietnam are both same bad habit.

    Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand aren't.

  3. Many wondering why Vietnamese are heading to UK, one of the most nasty arrogant countries to Asians? A consequence of colonialism and its racial caste lasted centuries in South East Asia Vietnamese are deeply brainwashed with white supremacy, then they have a delusion as if the West is better. Even after we kicked out greedy Western colonialists for the freedom of Asia, for the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, subsequently to our surrender in 1945 another brutal inhumane colonialist and slaver empire of USA and its dog South Korea had been occupying Vietnam then devastated it so much until the late 1970s, we could not reach Vietnam until recently the development of Vietnam is delayed so much compared to other southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. Yet China and Japan have been investing a lot in Vietnam today to accomplish the plan of Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, the freedom of Asia now so within a decade or so it will be much much better than an unrepentant colonialist nation like UK, USA.

  4. И это происходит в сердце демократии так называемом ВеликоБритания продают людей в 21 веке ужас!

  5. What cruel Brits is! They even make this as an opportunity to attack China. Don't they leave the victims rest in peace. Shame on you, Brits.

  6. Me I would not let my kids be smuggled with rapist murdereing humman trafficers but that is just me and my Concervitve Capitalism morals.

  7. However if the Chinese are pushing to get the answers this could be organ harvesting because they would Target Asian people who left their country as a way of punishment for defecting so look at the common denominator of victims did them or their families eventually defect from China or the surrounding Asian countries if so I would go in that direction

  8. give justice to these 39 people!..which ever countries has the meanings and informations to solve and punish the perpetrators with full severity!!..human beings in whatever circumstances should die like this!!

  9. It could also be organ harvesting but if it was majority of young attractive males and females alike it was most likely sexually motivated for profit

  10. Was it greed that made 39 people ignore they would surely suffocate in a locked container. They must have died in a few hours. I guess in less than 4 hours.

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