11 thoughts on “WATCH LIVE: Senate Intelligence Committee members may react to whistleblower complaint

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha you freakin religious nuts are about as hypocritical as can be. Blah blah blah blah and you’re all full of hot air!

  2. Don the Con is living in the 1950's. "In the old days." What'uh moron! If you're not working with you're a "spy"

  3. More Trump haters at it again. These bitches have literally been investigating Trump in one aspect or another, since he was inaugurated. If memory serves me, the Senate Intel and House Intel committees started their bullshit Russia investigation about a week or two after Trump was inaugurated. Still can't accept the results of the 2016 election. Total losers.

  4. Yup, Michael Cohen was right…
    Trump talks in 'code'.
    Just like the disgusting mob that he's been associated with for decades!

  5. More waste of time and money when it should be the Obama Criminal Administration people being investigated. Why are Republicans in Congress so wimpy?

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