Watch James May build his kitchen

James May is primed and ready to create some serious FoodTribe content thanks to his brand new kitchen! A quick trip to IKEA saw him purchase some basic cabinets that’ll take pride of place in his freshly painted soon-to-be kitchen. Stay tuned for the first cooking video from James’ all new cooking bunker!

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  1. Pr00ch says:

    James May is such a treasure. He should replace Boris

  2. UltiMo_ GR says:

    james may with a digital music station? He should have a gramophone!
    and ikea? no no noooo. he should get old auctioned vintage furniture!

  3. UltiMo_ GR says:

    so I suppose the british haven't figured out how to put the power cables IN the walls yet?

  4. Devvy Nully says:

    Why does James May live in a cave?

  5. SaintJohn says:

    OI!? You Got A License For That Box Cutter Mate?

  6. jezdimir2007 says:

    In keeping with the theme I now search, "watch me vacuum my flat".

  7. Jon Johns says:

    So this is a kitchen? ….. Without any plumbing? …. Or ventilation? …. OK then.

  8. Joe Carter says:

    Would have loved to see James walk around IKEA

  9. Outrageous Pickles says:

    If you'd asked me yesterday if I would watch a man build a small flat-pack kitchen in a windowless room, my answer would probably have been 'only if James May is the one doing it'. What a wonderful coincidence!

  10. Cary Eddy says:

    I love how traumatized he was by Ikea. It's exactly what I expected:)

  11. gr8gassy says:

    Should've brought Klearvue

  12. Josh Hayden says:

    Here before it goes viral😂

  13. callum hardy says:

    God I HATE Ikea with a passion!

  14. Williamg209 says:

    This is content I live for and I loved that kitchen stuff be did before grand tour , so this looks great

  15. apple lacson says:

    I was half expecting Simmy to appear and build a concrete countertop.

  16. fadi gaith says:

    What have we learned of this video? That you have a mercedes van, nice 👍

  17. EoThorne says:

    OH GOD THAT SONG AGAIN * gouges out ears *

  18. digiscream says:

    Is it just me, or does this look more like a student bedroom than a kitchen? I was looking forward to seeing him swearing at the plumbing and flooding the place.

    "Oh, cock."

  19. wellwh0 says:

    I hare putting together IKEA stuff. Makes me want to go to pub by every screw I place succesfully.

  20. sonicsophie says:

    As a massive fan of JM Unemployment Tube, Oz & James and The Reassembler (basically everything James has ever done), the concept of this channel excites me greatly. Lots of James cooking and getting more and more drunk please!

  21. armancz says:

    Watched it in x2 speed, it was a blur, not sure what happened.

  22. MrFleury1986 says:

    I really like the natural lighting in that room!

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