Warhammer Vermintide 2 Review

Warhammer Vermintide 2 reviewed by Tom Marks on PC.

8 Minutes of BRUTAL Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Beta Gameplay

Warhammer Vermintide 2: Kerillian Hero Spotlight – Careers, Abilities, and More

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  1. The Tatted gamer says:

    As a person who knows nothing about warhammer, its confusing. Are they space marines or knights

  2. Russell Bolas says:

    How do you do campaign missions

  3. Vankruze says:

    yeah but not vsing humans gets boring

  4. Dryen says:


  5. some cunt says:

    It really macks you feel like batman 10/10

  6. Ash me Dai says:

    I wish elves and wizard too

  7. Jintu Sarma says:

    Does this game have to be played in group or individual player can play

  8. EhCloserLook says:

    Lol. This game got an '8'??? Okay.

  9. Gelb Sucht says:

    this game looks so fuicking lame

  10. can we get 1 million sub's with no vid says:

    So basically doom mp

  11. Forearm Foreleg says:

    Can you play in third person?

  12. FullCaber says:

    Either a Sign in time out error or server error could not connect B(

  13. Txj aa says:

    IGN is a joke!

  14. Derrick Franklin says:

    Who's here because it's on GamePass?

  15. Lightbringer says:

    reviewed by a Ratman

  16. Park Min says:

    Played up to level 7, found the combat simple. lol?

  17. Darth Squidward1 says:

    I hate Number rating

  18. watt wooson says:

    Left for dead took a lot of drugs

  19. Pseudo Soul says:

    Hack n slash gore! Love it!

  20. Br41th says:

    Reminds me of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic which I loved back in the day

  21. xterminat0r says:

    This games great but the amount of crashes is insane

  22. Jarkoblad Lušić says:


  23. master of disaster says:

    How am I only learning of this now. This seems like my kind of game.

  24. Hitai says:

    I'd give Vermintide an 8.5 bc it's not perfect but it sure is fun

  25. TafTabTah says:

    Best $30 I've ever spent

  26. mr lahey says:

    Looks lame as hell

  27. Pacific Fire says:

    This is nothing like left for dead

  28. Higher Cognition says:

    This game is underrated.
    The game score is in my opinion at least a 85%.
    I would personally note it between 85%-90%.
    I only don't like the fact that we can't destroy enough things/stuff that are around us.
    Sometimes picking up items such as grenades, health potion, pouch… won't connect immediately. Perhaps due to bad hitboxes. In a nutshell it takes forever to pick up items laying around…

  29. InfoBroker says:

    This game would be nuts in 3rd person. Please give us the option on console and custom button remapping too. Thanks

  30. Jacob Clements says:

    Bloody awful

  31. John Smith says:

    Yh am gonna stop you at lootboxes. Im out.

  32. spiax says:

    Terrible game

  33. Titan Gaming says:


  34. Otaku Senpai says:

    Does it have coop?

  35. Xavier Williams says:

    So, will this fill my Left 4 Dead void or what?

  36. Виктор Трофимук says:


  37. Daryl Lobo says:

    This game is awesome. 😍😍😍🤘

  38. Nippo Hippo says:

    Saucy game!

  39. KingsofSparta says:

    Do i need the first one to enjoy the second?

  40. Derrick Haggard says:

    My most favorite character in the games is Ciennia: The Fire Mage.

  41. Plasmancer says:

    “Sienna, with her clever and challenging overheat mechanics” challenging? For what 5 minutes?

  42. KageRyuuUji says:

    Says Chivalry has nuance (sure in a glitchy kind of way where you can attack behind you by looking up, or turn a thrust into a swing), yet doesn't mention anything about combos, quick and charged alike, interrupt combos (stopping a combo to get to the attack you need faster), the little known bash attack (the attack made after a bash while holding block and attack), or how to most effectively combine walking dashing and jumping to dance around danger at high speed, let alone each class' special ability which even someone who hasn't spent more than an hour on the game should have come across at some point or another, and the unique mechanics behind each of them and how they can be most effectively utilized.

  43. Knifecz says:

    Not a single dodge, whoever played that is really bad.

  44. Clayborn Mathis says:

    It looks like he played 10 hours max. I can't take this review seriously when he skips higher difficulties, deeds, tomes, grimoires.

  45. Chork MaLork says:

    The loot you get is based on the character you built and are currently using, especially equipping items between opening any loot… honestly sounds like you didn't know some of the game's mechanics at the time. You can go back and enjoy that part much more

  46. Chork MaLork says:

    Oh man you must really not know how to save equipment for specific classes when attempting certain challenges or deeds lol, really a half-assed review only bc you didn't know you half-assed your gameplay…

  47. Mark Peter says:

    One of my favorite games I love it

  48. wakyl Hakymzaada pashayeewar says:

    Wat is this I thought warhammer was strategy game
    This is on xbox gamepass should I get it my thing is mostly action adventure but also little rpg too n shooters

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