Warhammer Vermintide 2 – Coop PvE Worth Playing 2019?

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Warhammer Vermintide 2 and check the game out right on the eve of the release of it’s newest expansion : Winds of Magic!

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  1. Chasm Jumper World Champion 2019 says:

    I never seen a game look like that before. Seeing dwarf and elf look like real people in a fantasy world.

  2. Simon Kara says:

    The best 5 bucks I ever spent in my life playing this game with my mates. Very relaxing and therapeutic game (on low difficulty).

  3. ABC kirja says:

    nice of you to see how the game's doing after 1,5 years since its release. peeps should make more of these kinds of video updates, nice work!
    the game itself looks pretty fun, getting tired of l4d2 and call of duty's zombies are still insanely priced and isn't a stand-alone game.
    this seems like a fresh breeze so i might just check it out!

  4. jaybajan says:

    this is on steam right now for 8 bucks

  5. BardaNation says:

    Is Vermintide VR a thing? If not it should be

  6. xhuqing yang says:

    Guys vermintide 2 got the "best coop game of the year" on PC gamers. Definitely worth a try.

  7. Robertson Thirdly says:

    can't play chaos races? shame… squib herder or nothing

  8. Lesminster says:

    Game is fun indeed, but for very short time. It gets boring pretty fast. Skill tree is very poor and choice is really not too relevant. Many characters share the same skills in their skill trees. You have only one, ONE active skill per character during combat, how weak is that … It all eventually comes down to spamming your left mouse button until there is nothing left to cut through and from time to time use more or less useful character's skill. I was hyped, I bought, I played for 2 days and I'm 19 lvl and done. Instead of making 3 versions of each character with one skill authors could fuse them into one and make gameplay more versatile, give player some room for creativity with skill use. If not november steam sale I would regret buying this game, but since it was 70% off, meh 😉

  9. Shinobi Ninja says:

    your granade action killed 1

  10. Firstname Lastname says:

    No point in blocking? That's only cause you are playing on low difficulties. If you don't want to get 2-shot later on you better start to learn blocking.

  11. rohan basu says:

    Game is too easy

  12. Sanlaitto Yero Ouberdoraivu says:

    No other game has better fps melee combat than this. Trust me after playing this game, my standards are soooo high for fps melee.

  13. Jimbo Jones says:

    It's on sale this November. I love Warhammer and looking for some good co-op. How is the replay value?

  14. Sire Potato A lot says:

    Plis stupidfatshark. Wheres the dedicated servers we were promised you jerks.

  15. Mental Duck says:

    10:39 sometimes i wish alot of people had this type of common sense

  16. Alex Hess says:

    wanted to get this game. but peer to peer for a game like this just sounds incredibly stupid.

  17. Josh H says:

    when someone playing a game has the attention span of a squirrel and seems to love all the minutia, it makes the game itself feel incredibly boring

  18. TRUMPisTHE manWITHthePLANmaga2020 says:

    15:30 thats called ptsd from getting shagged

  19. Tasha King says:

    lol this is so misleading and it seems like you're completely unaware of it. I know you mean no harm and have good intentions but this game after august 13th is a completely different game.

  20. When There Were Wonders says:

    its cool if u bring new players in, but i feel u dont know much about the game, just the complete basics

  21. Stephen Singletary says:

    This game looks fuckin awful

  22. Drazsyr says:

    runs past first book location {{HERESY INTENSIFIES}}

  23. paperclip says:

    Would be cool to have a social hub in the game

  24. Darius Jablonskis says:

    Does enemy always run mindlessly in to you without any tactics ? and you just need to spam LMB ? Is there any penalty for leaving in mid game ?

  25. Frode Skårdalsmo says:

    legendary became so hard after wom:/ especially CoD

  26. Salt Efan says:

    "Lets go through the skittergate. That sounds like an awful plan."
    The man-thing doubts mighty Skryre technology? We must kill-slay him for his foul lies, yes-yes!
    (I refuse to believe that clan fester managed to make that behemoth work without at least one skryre engineer and a bunch of stolen schematics)

  27. Rolf family says:

    Having to rush through because of other players ruins it for me.. More than anything, the weapons felt like i was swinging feathers at my enemy.. No feedback when landing a blow! theres no different 'feel' between actualy playing the game, and watching you swing that sword that makes no discerning between missing an attack, and lopping off 3 heads in a single swing.. Theres no impact, no thud, no oomf!

  28. Ecchi Bot says:

    I got this game like a week ago, and been playing it since.

    I do wish it had missions like I’d drop crazy money for dlc that had’s like 10 more unqiue missions. but sadly it has a total of 13 missions with 6 Dlc missions(with other stuff)

    I usually just play random missions to conplete certain challenges but when im only playing quickplay those additional missions really shine to help not get repeated missions.

    I hope the game understands the strengths and weaknesses it has and it’s weakness is quanitity of content even though it’s of good quality.

    If you get bored playing something repeatedly this is not the game for you. If you enjoy a game like that regardless and enjoy doing achievements to gain rewards and chests this game is pretty dope.

    It could easily be a top 5 game of the year if they focused on mission creation or just asked the community to do it and do a voting poll for it

  29. Zenxys E says:

    Fuck you

  30. Lars Krantz says:

    I heartily recommend this game! A gem. Deep tactics on the higher difficulties. I only play with bots, and that's okay also.

  31. mekal lakem says:

    For those that have never played this game the combat on the lower difficulty is extremely easy and dull it really shines on the harder modes

    Blockingdodgingpushing becomes essential combo canceling and resets are highly useful

  32. Spirit Soul says:

    Dude! Please find a platform to load your Vermintide streams for those who miss em… @SplatterCatGaming

  33. Voices4dayz says:

    You're good at talking while playing games, I'm just crazy and don't say anything relevant to the gameplay! HAhahaha. It's interesting to see your pro-sounding commentary and compare it to me talking about fatalities and random memes. Awesome upload, thanks.

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