[WARFRAME] GRENDEL Eat – Yeet & Roll – Everything Grendel – Builds + Review

[WARFRAME] GRENDEL Eat – Yeet & Roll – Everything Grendel – Builds + Review
What’s good folks?!
I’m here with a…Grendel Vid.
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Feint – Shockwave
✰01 TheDiabolicalWaffle – My Wish
✰02 Meizong – Hollowness
✰03 RobinG – Temple
#warframe #grendel #ivaraprime
Recording Software: NVIDIA Share [Shadowplay]
Editing: Premiere Pro CC 2019
Thumbnail: Photoshop CC 2018

source: https://goindocal.com/

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  1. KnightmareFrame says:

    I feel dirty…

  2. jody rees says:

    So this is a zaw build? because i could choose any other frame and do this.

  3. killermike says:

    Great vid🐐 wat color pallet do you use?

  4. 정진홍 says:

    2:43 oh my eyes..!

  5. Napie illuminapie says:

    Can u do Loki build?

  6. DS layer says:

    Uuuu brave doesn’t work if you have energy drain

  7. Felipe Allak says:

    WE DID IT BOYSSSSSS, Thanks for trying to convert @knightmar3frame to the Piza time religion.

  8. MAL-ZEL says:

    I relate to grendel on a spiritual level

  9. Jyster says:

    KF: grendel is one of my fav Frame
    Also KF: i rate him, 2/10

  10. Blitz Attacker says:

    Kinda jank that most of his kit works around toxin. I get what they're going for but corrosive (stomach acid) or gas (…) would have made more sense but even then, Saryn exists. As long as that's the case, Grendal is only a gimmick for his ball form even with his decent surviability standards. He's just too damn inconsistent and that's all on top of his tedious as all get out acquisition requirements.

  11. zackaboi 2000 says:

    Grendel’s first ability can do slot of damage, try using an AOE weapon if his 1st doesn’t kill every enemy in his gut, the enemies will be bunched up and knocked to the ground, so it should be easy to kill them. I would recommend the torrid, or pox, to amplify the toxin, or amprex, to create corrosive.

  12. zackaboi 2000 says:

    Grendel doesn’t need strength, a build that I recommend is max efficiency, health, plus adaptation. Nourish is useless with this build. Stretch can be used as a replacement if you don’t have any of the previous mods, also use prime flow and hunter adrenaline. Also a tip, if you’re having trouble killing enemies, shoot enemies off the map with either his third, or by holding his first. His third is there for pottery much one reason; if you were to have too many enemies in your gut, use his third to deposit some of those enemies one by one, while maintaining his armor buff from his passive, and nourish I guess. Try this out in simulacrum or something, if it’s not your type of build then try something else, don’t just immediately search YouTube for builds, simulacrum is here for testing.

  13. skylar mccloud says:

    They should've made his Regurgitate Something like the 1st boss from DMC 5. Since the stole the idea for Grendel from there anyway.Sadly.He's going to be just another Frame collecting Unemployment in my inventory.

  14. xAaric ツ says:

    Lol I feel your pain

  15. BakedMoMo says:

    ahh, the nikana hvy atk slash build…nice.

  16. HonestLotus7 says:


  17. James Lane says:

    Grendel is under performing frame for me it need rework on his 3 and 4 ability his 2 need a huge buff while his 1 ability can combine with the 3 but that just my Opinion some people like him some pleople Don't that all .

  18. -RG-BlackScope says:

    Eat-Feat-Yeetwould fit better i think xD

  19. zlipus says:

    Ohhh knightmare knightmare…. I am disappoint son. Good video but I have some nitpicks.

    Grendel does FAR more damage than you're giving him credit for. I am able to consistently keep up with saryn's with the exception on exterminates. I wish people would try out str/range builds more and forgo efficiency. Keep it at 100% and squeeze in any duration if possible, but don't FOCUS on it. I dunno, I just have never NEEDED to keep a huge amount of enemies eaten any given time. I've put him through a 2 hour mot survival and he aced it without breaking a sweat.

    His 1. You don't need to keep the mouse on anything that is being sucked in. You CAN spin the mouse rapidly and suck in everything your cursor touches if its in range. With stretch you can very easily suck in whole rooms. Secondly, the forced vomit does scaling damage THEN applies the scaling toxin damage. On things that are armor stripped this is pretty much auto death. I'll agree his 2 is well… useless and I don't build around it or focus on it outside of using it to heal up. Needs more base duration to be a worthwhile consideration. 3-4 both do quite a bit of damage with 4 only starting to fall off against armored enemies OUTSIDE of you at about lvl 150+. Everything inside you will die very quickly if you are bouncing around like you should be (and yes the movement is ass if you're not mashing the jump button). 3 does scaling damage so its only weakness is that its not effective vs armored things, everything else its amazing. Sooo my gameplay loop is suck in 10-20 enemies at a time and either immediately get into his 4 to start bouncing around to cc/dmg everything around me while killing everything inside him as its losing armor. Between flow/rage I've literally never had an instance where I run out of energy before everything is dead (energy cost for enemies inside you is static and doesn't ramp up the longer they're in you).

  20. Danny SJ says:

    Grendel: Me
    Enemies: Wisp

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  21. E N D E R B O R N says:

    Not gonna lie, Grendel plays like he already needs a rework. He's not bad if built right but his 3 is just not worth casting and his 4 is way too underwhelming. His 1 would be the best pull in the game if it didn't have that obnoxious drain, and his 2 is good but way too tedious and the buffs aren't that great.

  22. Max Mairo says:

    Meatball Samurai…nice 😁

  23. Alessandro Boccaletti says:

    I am looking for a good key-binding, as I recently moved to pc. Did you leave abilities bound to 1-2-3-4-5? I often confuse them, and I find them a bit far from W-A-S-D. Advice?

  24. Iceberg Titan-Sinker says:

    I like using his 1 for damage, as the damage is pretty high due to it scaling off of enemy level and number of enemies in his gut, on top of a guaranteed toxin proc which usually kills whatever survived, and the armor strip over time while in his gut. It's basically a better version of his 3 outside of range.

    Try playing him more like an aggressive Hydroid.

    A little hint I can give you is to not run CP, as Toxin has a damage bonus against ferrite armor, so you don't want to risk his 1 overstripping the armor.

  25. diegonacho says:

    I love ur vids dude 👊👊

  26. ItsLiam 21 says:

    On a scale of Regret to Regret, how much do you regret this video?

  27. Hc 9919 says:

    What’s the point of primed flow if you have Exodia brave

  28. fusion gamer says:

    So does anyone know the interaction between grendel and gauss that DE mentioned?

  29. Robert Coykendall says:

    sorry you had to do that D:

  30. Ziadjuuhh says:

    Title should’ve been eat yeet and repeat

  31. Smaash Giirl says:

    Nani!!! A Grendel vid!?!?!?!

  32. Felix Schneider says:

    Worth the 20 Bucks x'D

  33. Tara Hefner says:


  34. Aki Nara says:

    Lmfao, he eats shit with his belly. I bet the devs were high when they made this thing xD
    Kirby gone wrong

  35. king kurasaki says:

    He actually did it I thought he hated him to much for this

  36. Drack_ says:

    Ahhh, so thats why you had Grendel in your warframe profile.

  37. Youtube Guest01 says:


  38. adam raad says:

    Cyber bullying has been scoring some wins lately, first was sonic and then this.
    Like you can sense Knightmare's sad undertone lmao

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