VSCO Girls, E-Girls, & Tik Tok

#InternetAnalysis: vsco girls, e-girls, & tik tok! What is happening!! I will try to help you understand. Shout out to Ana Luisa Jewelry, check their designs here: Use code tiffanyferg10 for 10% off.
#vscogirls #egirls

0:00 – intro
0:29 – what is a VSCO girl?
1:32 – shout out to Ana Luisa for the cute earrings, again!
1:47 – VSCO girl checklist, including a hydro flask, metal straw, kanken backpack, scrunchies, & birkenstocks
3:01 – aren’t vsco girls just the classic skinny, white, wealthy girls??
4:09 – vsco girls have become a meme
5:23 – why do we make fun of teenage girls for their interests??
6:32 – vsco girls are the new tumblr girls
7:24 – basic girls
7:56 – alternative styles, such as e-girls
9:32 – TIK TOK and “ironic” humor
11:54 – similarities between vsco girls and e-girls
13:03 – e-girls and the “childlike” aesthetic
13:52 – Belle Delphine
14:49 – the many “alternative” styles of cozykitsune, aka simplykenna
16:17 – keeping up with trends is one element of social media fame
17:33 – can you blame people for following trends?
18:40 – are vsco and e-girl aesthetics ‘better’ for young girls than the unreal, facetuned aesthetics on IG?

♡HOW TO BE AN E GIRL♡ (makeup, hair, clothes) –
E-girls and boys’ style is the antidote to the homogenised IG aesthetic –
E-Girls and E-Boys, Explained (article) –

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  1. TheGameMakeGuy says:

    You look like a vsco girl

  2. a w says:

    So… what is VSCO? It's just an app?

  3. Michelle Hernandez says:

    It just sucks bc some people say it’s good and everyone can do it but if it’s not certain brands then it’s not the same and people will give you shit. Like in my school personally only the rich white girl would be the vsco girls cause they could afford all the over priced things

  4. Allison X says:

    So glad I'm too old for this and out of the loop 🤭
    I wondered what a VSCO girl was

  5. Baily Sheehan says:

    I'm late here, but I believe the appropriation part is bc "and I oop" and "sksks" was popularized by black twitter.

  6. Thara Amegashitsi says:

    "Which came first: the vegan chicken or the vegan egg?" 😂😂 I died

  7. talia says:

    in regards to the ahegao face, i can assure you the girls know what it means

  8. AgentPedestrian says:

    Fjällräven Kånken… that is the most hipster/prep solidarity item in swedish fashion istg i hate it.

    Edit: i do think Fjällräven is a pretty sweet but pricey brand. Their vintage cotton jackets in military green… yeah that's ok i like that.

    Also it's roughly pronounced with the Con from spanish conga or chili Con carne. And then then Ken as in Barbies Ken. The stressor in on the first syllable. Up the nose and then down. CONken.

  9. Russell Campbell says:

    Late 2010s/early 2020s Valley Girl???

  10. Danielle Comeau says:

    now i'm insecure about the amount of times i've said "oop" when trying to get past someone at work or just in general when there's an awkward silence before i speak since like 2012….also pretty sure vegan chicken came before they figured out vegan eggs?

  11. nathan says:

    your content is seriously refreshing and this video was awesome….but why do i feel old as a 19 year old?

  12. homokira says:

    Wow I totally looked like an e-girl when I was a senior in high school in 2014-2015, but it was referred to as tumblr aesthetic: red pixie hair, bright loud clothing, and tumblr makeup styles. Now I look like a total normie, sad LOL

  13. MadArtLang says:

    Great vid! Keep them coming. Also have u ever done Harley Quinn makeup? That black heart reminded me of that aesthetic and I think that look cool on u!!

  14. lily stevoo says:

    as a certified soft girl I'm glad that we dont get bullied

  15. lily stevoo says:

    sry to be annoying but I've legit been using vsco just for my Instagram feed for years 😔😔

  16. Sol Sueldo says:

    ok first of all these videos are amazing. i'm the same age as you but because all of my friends are a couple years younger than me most of the time i feel like an old lady when i don't understand what they're talking about lmao so a peer explaining these new trends or whatever helps me not become an internet hermit; but what i actually wanted to say here is: what the fuck is up with all these middle aged men mocking tweens and teens?? what the actual hell?? like it's already cringey enough to see them trying to be funny "youngling style" insert steve buscemi dressed as a boy meme here to also have to endure these losers making fun of YOUNG GIRLS gosh go have a heart attack or something i'm so tired of the gen x's-and-up not accepting they're not relevant anymore and we shouldn't care about and or respect them JUST because they're older than us

  17. caroline milo says:

    bottom line is that you literally cannot be a teenage girl and not be made fun of for how you dress/what you're interested in

  18. Aesthetic Plants says:

    The Four Benders

    VSCO girl (water)
    E Girl (fire)
    Insta Baddies (earth)
    Soft girls (air)

  19. Aesthetic Plants says:

    Nobody acts like that completely, basically what happens is you get called a VSCO girl for wearing a scrunchy

  20. Sierra Mercer says:

    When my younger sister (shes 17) told me about vsco girls I was so genuinely confused and I didnt realize that egirl was what it was called when I was scrolling through pinterest looking for makeup looks and outfit Inspo. I used to be so up with the times (I'm only 21) but tiktok confuses me and I don't get anything and it has to be explained by my 17 year old sister lol.

  21. shesamelia says:

    JASMINE MASTERS invented and I oop… !!!!!

  22. toni weihnachten says:

    i don't think it should be encouraged to follow the egirl trend just because of the aesthetic… because there is such a sexual background behind this.. with some egirls dancing the Me!Me!Me! dance and doing those faces that come straight out of hentai or sexual manga and even wearing those faces on shirts and stuff… i find it kind of disturbing to be proud of being part of this submissive image and not realizing it's not about cute little hearts in your face but actually dressing up as an young (too young) looking anime doll, completly male gazed and objectified as sex object

  23. Madelyn Harvey says:

    I'm 21 and feel the same way 😂 Unfortunately I have loved scrunchies from the beginning

  24. Maggie J says:

    My friend Molly has been dressing like VSCO girl for like over a year and she hated that now it’s a meme!😂

  25. Maggie J says:

    Saying “Tea” and the phrase “and I oop” have been common phrases in the LGBTQ+ community for quite a while. Now the rich white girls take our phrases without caring about our community. It is annoying because these phrases are not new, they are new to you.

  26. Bella the homesteader says:

    Appropriated from black culture

  27. anabel b.-glaude says:

    sksjsksjsks was stolen from gay tumblr; keyboard smashing fiGHT ME

  28. Cheyenne Ames says:

    There are real vsco girls. Thought it was just a meme until a few weeks ago when I ran into some at a pizza shop

  29. S12 B says:

    so its now hip to sound like a rattle snake and not be a 6 year old boy who just learned of their existence?

  30. Ellie says:

    vsco girls in just an excuse for people to put down girls.

  31. Gre L says:

    Am I already too old, or why don´t I know any of this stuff?

  32. Éabha Keeley says:

    Hate the fact that you get mocked for wanting to be more eco friendly in using a metal straw

  33. Éabha Keeley says:

    Saw a tiktok of a girl talking about how she wears big baggy tshirts to hide her scoliosis as she’s really insecure about it and now she feels mocked for being a ‘vsco girl’

  34. kitsterangel says:

    I hate it bc I get labelled an egirl bc I often wear long sleeved shirts under t-shirts but straight up, im just always cold dude, I need the extra layer (plus I never really got over my early 2000s punk Avril Lavigne phase, let's be real here). I think I read that same article that you showed in this video explaining egirl culture. An interesting point about that article though is that egirl culture is almost uniquely online and very few of these girls actually dress like that irl (they might just wear a toned down version of it). Both the vsco girl and the egirl are more so parodies of current styles rather than the actual current style. Also love that comparison of to the tumblr and emo girl you did. There was no hot topic where I lived so I could never live out my scene dreams back in middle school :')

  35. Anna Gleason says:

    Something about this girls videos rub me the wrong way. It’s almost if she thinks she’s a lot smarter than the people she “speaks about”. Idk, it may just be her tonality.

  36. Megan Blue says:

    Started watching this video last week and after the intro I had to stop watching for a while, to cringey
    But I’m back to finish the video now 😂

  37. NeverMindMyName says:

    Tumblr Girls, Tumblr Grunge, Hipsters, MySpace Scene Queen, E-Girls, Insta Baddie, etc. Can't wait to see what's next

  38. Able Reason says:

    They actually do exist. I couldn't believe it myself.

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