Virtual DJ 7 Tutorial: Basics


  1. Ayetey Emmanuel says:

    Please the way u talk is very fast.

  2. haayleexo says:

    how do you get virtual dj to update the playlists after you have added new songs to itunes? it isnt reflecting the changes in VDJ

  3. siony says:

    do you have reverb effect for virtual dj 7 please share

  4. Roy Ch says:

    that change was ass

  5. opoku jonas says:

    thanks is good

  6. Vidvagee dietz says:

    hey dude 🙂 nice vid can u maybe give me some of ur music bro ? u have a lot

  7. Rae Hicks says:

    It's "treble",

  8. ellen danskog says:

    what is the trouble? can someone explain?

  9. Brandon Mahrt says:

    it's windy

  10. Maud Teerlynck says:

    euuuh okeeeee…

  11. Jeff A.D says:


  12. jhordan cp says:

    xamare yo hablo español.. u.u

  13. Mafkaas120 says:

    thanks 🙂

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