Virgil Van Dijk 2019 ▬ The Champion ● Tackles, Defensive Skills & Goals | HD

Virgil Van Dijk 2019 ▬ The Champion ● Tackles, Defensive Skills & Goals | HD

#VanDijk #Tackles #Defending

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  1. Aryan Tamrakar says:

    Maldini>Ramos>Van dijk

  2. vignesh kumaar says:

    The one quality that makes Van Djik ahead of other centre backs around the world is he brings out the best of all the defenders that plays around him. He organised the defence really well. If you want to know how good is he, just watch every time he clears the ball in the air, it will always be a pass to a Liverpool player. Rarely see any other defender does it as frequent as Van Djik

  3. Simplemente Luiggi says:

    Si Todos los del Liverpool se dejarán crecer la barba, darían más miedo 😲😲😂😂

  4. Andile Lionel says:

    This guy is good but Ramos is on a different level

  5. Jonas Silva says:

    penou com tal de gabigol no mundial.

  6. Dark Sxp001 says:

    Melhor zagueiro do mundo..muito esperto sempre está nas jogadas..que desarmes que esse cara faz e um monstro

  7. Ray Patrick says:

    In the real world David got fucked by Goliath ( Messi = David, VVD = Goliath)

  8. Мидин Джан says:

    Футболный монастырь защиты!

  9. raydn23 says:

    Stop on mbappe was nice

  10. 염지훈 says:

    Ramos. Like
    Virgil. Unlike.
    Who is best player?

  11. nihat caba says:

    Thief.son of a bitch

  12. Stefano Ronchetti says:

    Cannavaro was better

  13. capri son says:

    He a boulder
    He smolder
    He makes u colder

    but most importantly
    Ge knows how to shoulder

  14. Vanguar says:

    van dijk x gabigol

  15. Лслаал Лалалал says:

    I love you VIRGIL 💋💋💋

  16. Vegan Prodigy says:

    van dijk VS Zlatan Who Wins ?

  17. Constanza Castillo Gonzalez says:

    es muy bueno

  18. 2k subs with videos challenge says:

    Like = Van Dijk
    Comment = Sergio Ramos

  19. sinekonata says:

    He's really impressive but I don't understand those that say this is ballon d'or material.

  20. jerome kerviel says:

    This guy is just unbelievable.

  21. amazing gamer says:

    Nobody can foul him because he is strong

  22. Azrul Hafiz says:

    Matching Son's pace was tough to do but this beast does it with ease

  23. Cunlock ! says:

    Just imagine Maldini and Vand Dijk in same team , aint gonna need goalkeeper xD

  24. Bayu Fitriadi says:

    Good player but worse attitude

  25. vaheezs ka says:

    You said a little bit of cr7 and you have been dead ever since

  26. RJ7 Productions says:

    Can you share clips

  27. Jogn Fong says:

    Liverpool is like the Golden State Warriors (couple years ago, not this year) of the NBA, they have lots of talent. That's why they won the Champions League and leading the Premier League.

  28. Gabriel Victtor says:

    Gabigol vai acabar com toda essa marra

  29. EMRE says:

    Merih Demiral › virgil van dijk

  30. Никола Йорданов says:

    Very good

  31. deborah ciprioti says:

    Van dijk sei una 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  32. mourad moumene says:


  33. Lam rof says:

    He doesn't commit fully to his tackles, he knows that is a stupid thing to do for a CB. He never falls or slides unnecessarily. He is a CB, he needs to be on his feet not on his butt. This is what I teach defenders. Do not slide or fall unnecessarily.

  34. Lam rof says:

    A big guy so sleek. Reminds me of a rigid version of Yaya Toure.

  35. Lam rof says:

    He stifled Naymar like a spider on a fly.

  36. PRICE LESS WORLD says:

    Van dyke is a best diffender but he can't stop messi 😉😉

  37. Sourav Mohite says:

    Liverpool's money paid off

  38. Painuh says:

    ive guts that Van Dijk will win ballon d'or 2019! 😍❤️👏🏻
    Yes: Like

  39. Khalifa Mboup says:

    koulibaly is best than van dijk

  40. Acinn. Calcio says:

    Do take a look at my video on Van Dijk too. I'm working on my next video rn. So Subscribe & give a thumbs up 👍. Don't forget to hit the bell icon🙈

  41. hitnail halfway says:

    he defends so damn well, he doesnt even have to tackle

  42. Playstation Oyuncusu says:

    Merih demiral > all

  43. Gustavo Corrêa says:

    Aguarde o Flamengo

  44. Murad Sido says:

    Sorry witch pepoel think thet

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