Virgil Van Dijk 2019 • The Art Of Defending – Defensive Skills Show


  1. Hustlingforlife says:

    Phil Jones > Virgil Van Dyik !

  2. William A. says:

    O cara é foda !!! Ele tem o posicionamento do Mauro Galvão com o tempo de bola do Gamarra, com o bônus da altura e força física.

  3. jacob hussam says:

    Oh yeah you got

  4. Muhamad Busaeri says:

    he was so strong that the enemy bounced.. 😂

  5. Visnu Visnu says:

    He not yet meet zlatan ibrahimovic…

  6. Rosberg says:

    his face and skin tone look like asian people ( malaysian&indonesia ) good looking guy👍👍

  7. Busisaniz Zulu says:

    The way he controlled that 2v1 situation at 1.40 is godbody…. He was denying the attacker the opportunity to pass and get a clean shot at the same time

  8. Shian Shian says:

    1:46 Van dijk didn’t deflect it the attacker missed the goal

  9. Lugu Games says:

    virgil virgil

  10. Nachtmuis says:

    Since he joined Liverpool, his premiere league stats ‘today’ = 48 wins, 8 draws, 1 loss.

  11. mirza plabon says:

    I love defensive skills more than dribbling skills.Defensive skills are not loved by all.But dribbling is loved by all.By dribbling skills a team can win a match. But with defensive skills a team can win a trophy. Like by the help of a good batting attack a team can win a match.But by the help of a good bowling attack a team can win a trophy in cricket.

  12. A-Diëgo Nobody says:

    The #Gladiator

  13. fatima shariq says:

    Imagine getting past this bloke and then you see Allison at the goal

  14. alan duncan says:

    Show the clips of him slices his clearances against Flamengo. Van Hype Train.

  15. Renzo Fortini says:

    What song is 4:13 ?

  16. first blody says:

    Hmm hollandian Demiral .

  17. Jooski says:

    he’s probably the smartest aggressive player the league has ever seen. he knows when to take risks and he executes them perfectly every single time

  18. Ifoto says:

    I don’t know if anyone really cares, but an amazing trio would be Van Dijk, De Jong and Cruyff if they played at the same time. All such humble players.

  19. lipe says:


  20. sai ram says:

    Virgil is like a cape buffalo saving herd from predators

  21. Thomas Widjanarko says:

    Lucky drogba retired already

  22. Hannel D. Sanchez says:

    Like si eres de Rayados y estás estudiando a Vin Dijk

  23. G JK says:

    I guess the only difference between sergio ramos and Virgil is that Virgil never gets a card after his tackles😂😂

  24. osvariable 10 says:

    What’s the first song

  25. osvariable 10 says:

    What’s the first song ??

  26. WhiteNinja says:


  27. Niels van Geffen says:

    incredible insights, such a amazing player. best defender in the world imo.

  28. PD - 08HE - Macville PS (1466) says:

    The fact that he can even dribble if we wants is incredible.
    Just look at this- 8:45


  29. Limz Kun says:

    One difference between van dijk and Sergio ramos , van dijk is a clean player, and ramos a aggressive player

  30. osvariable 10 says:

    Please what’s the first song ??

  31. osvariable 10 says:

    Please what’s the first song ??

  32. osvariable 10 says:

    Please what’s the first song ??

  33. osvariable 10 says:

    Please what’s the first song ??

  34. Aaryan Dhaul says:

    Name of the first song?

  35. Masood abbasi says:


  36. umair rocky says:

    True defender. Not fouler

  37. Matt Thompson says:

    Best defender in the world by miles. Will be an all time great.

  38. ANGELINO109 says:


  39. Hoessein says:

    Never seen a defender with such a style and pace. He is so confident on his timing, speed and positioning. For the first time in history it is fun to see a defender defend! And love it that he defends so clean. He truly is a Rolls Royce under the defenders.

  40. Κώστας Αργύρης says:

    This guy is the reincarnation of Beckenbauer, only more… freakish. The most complete CB i've ever seen live! Too bad he was robbed of the golden ball.

  41. Felipe Santín says:

    Que jugadorazo que es virgil

  42. THE GOD PELE says:

    Only me that Think that vvd should have got the ball on dor as much as messi

  43. How about No says:

    The music on these videos is an atrocity

  44. Orlaith : says:

    One of a kind

  45. Hendrie Kelder says:

    Virgil gaat lekker!🤣😎

  46. Kaleb silveira Sales says:


  47. กูรักหงส์แดง Liverpool Fc. says:


  48. M. says:

    He does it all this kid. His size helps him also. Just noticed he's probably the biggest player on the field.

  49. Lim Ian says:

    Wow… He's big!

  50. Nkululeko Ngeleka says:

    I like Vurjil Van Dijk defending skill what I'm trying at training🔥❤

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