Vinny streams Devil May Cry 2 for Nintendo Switch on Vinesauce!
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Stream date: Oct 24th, 2019
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40 thoughts on “[Vinesauce] BOOTI – Devil May Cry 2

  1. Anyone who says this game is bad has never played it with an (ACTION REPLAY MAX) on the ps2.
    Otherwise, yeah it fucking sucks.

  2. Honestly looking at this game now, even as it’s apparently “remastered” I genuinely realise how shit this game was from what I remember

  3. Well no wonder the game is lame then, if in the first part of development the only move they had was Stinger then that means absolutely every encounter and enemy and boss was made as just placeholder, with no actual fight having been worked on at all, with just the paths and scenes in mind, with fights they would have needed debug tools to even get through; ALL combat mechanics and most AI behavior and boss fight design in this game was made from scratch in the last 4 months of development the project was allowed

  4. I guess the thread is gone now…
    Secular Ascetic, i can't find a way to message you directly, so I'm going to leave this here on the off-chance you're looking through the comments. I enjoyed the discussion we had about the DMC reboot, and I'm disappointed you deleted the whole comment chain, but that's your decision and i respect it. I really like debating what makes good or bad game design, especially when it comes to action games. Our conversation inspired me to revisit DmC to clear it again to unlock Dante Must Die, so i can judge the game's strengths and flaws more in-depth. I'm probably going to record the DMD run and post it on my channel. Thanks for inspiring me to do something i wouldn't normally do.

  5. The original director for this game is supposedly unknown, but I think I've figured it out: a twelve-year-old who mixed Castlevania and The Mateix together and got high from huffing the fumes.

  6. Its a shame unlocking trish requires 2 dante playthroughs as she plays like DMC1 dante, which feels great to play, but we will never see BOOTI get her

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