Travel Well in Hanoi with our epic travel guide! In Episode 1 we take you on two amazing tours of the city, try LOTS of delicious food and meet some amazing people too. Hopefully, it inspires you to visit Hanoi and plan your very own adventure too. This is the fourth video in our #squadSQ series with Singapore Airlines be sure to watch the others, if you haven’t already, and keep an eye out for our new video next Friday!

Where we stayed:
➲ InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72

➲ Know Before You Go
➲ Landmark72 Review




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34 thoughts on “VIETNAM Travel Guide: Hanoi | Little Grey Box


    Hi, my name is Cuong. I'm from HaNoi. I'm a humorous, pleasant and open-minded boy with an eagerness to practice English, as my english is not good. If you come to HaNoi, I will be your free tour guide. You will be shown a different HaNoi which’s never been seen on TV, magazines… that helpful for you. Please contact me when you come to HaNoi. My phone is 0344664457 and my email is cuonggumball@gmail.com.

    Thank you for everything. Have a nice trip!

    Best regards, Xuan Cường!

  2. Your experiences are very realistic, I like that, you have spread the life, nature of Vietnam to the world, Thank you! I come from Viet Nam

  3. If our country aren't rude by communist I bet that you guy will see this land more richest and wonderfull than singarpo or south koren

  4. I love the Australian accent and the Vespa tour is definitely inspiring, so many different perspectives of Ha Noi. Thanks for the video and hope you enjoyed VN.

  5. Happy birthday to Matthew! I’m headed to Hanoi in early Oct for the second time for an international sketching event, definitely can’t wait to enjoy me some Bun Cha and Egg Coffee!

  6. Happy bday Mat, wishing you a long living full of health, love and adventure.
    Hanoi is a mazing, cant wait visiting Vietnam again 😀

  7. The weather is not so nice when you been here. But I love your video. Thanks for coming with us! 😍😍

  8. wow i already follow your channel so long time , i don't believe now you can come viet nam place where my hometown is living.

  9. Nice food reporting at the bun cha place ! (no durianised comment from me today). Oh and happy belated birthday Matt !

  10. Hey guys! I'm back! Nice to see all the scooters driving past the train 🙂.That hotel is so cool, nice views and so much space 😱! I really love the Asian breakfasts, I was so surprised with the full meal options when I was in South Korea and Japan, and as I see Vietnam is no different. Starting the day with noodles is just awesome! Overall, the food looks great 😍. I like that you've shown more of the locals in person instead of 'just another city', please keep it up. I really like to see how locals are doing in their country 😇.Thank you for this video, have a great weekend and I'll see you next week ✌️

  11. Amazing video, Thank you guys so much your videos really helped us plan a trip to Thailand, that indoor marked was Amazing. HAPPY Birthday Matt and thanks again for liking my pics on insta. You guys rock !!!.

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