Vietnam Beer Review


  1. FluffandLouie says:

    333 = Ba Ba Ba my favourite beer in Vietnam. Sometimes I can even get it here in NZ 🙂

  2. Chris Nguyen says:

    Can we replace Bia Saigon with Budweiser. I remember it taste better than Budweiser.

  3. Cường Marine says:

    I am who they called "Viet Kieu" , I came back after 32 years living in the States. I visit Da Nang 2010. I have to say I love Huda beers the second beer you tasted.

  4. Roger Crain says:

    Your analytic system is all wrong from the get go! A more realistic test for beer in Asia requires that you be laying on the sidewalk (preferably with your pants around your ankles), broke and wearing a stranger's shirt.

  5. Tuấn Võ Trung says:

    drink beer without ice .:((

  6. Ivan Korjavin says:

    I still think that anything local aside Tiger is just poison.

  7. Travel Point says:

    More vids! Bia is pronounced like the word beer, but with an "a" instead of "r" at the end. So say "beea" instead of "beer".

  8. Aaron Soken says:

    Which beer do you see most of the locals drinking?

  9. Cio CIO says:

    How much is Tiger Beer

  10. Cio CIO says:

    Anything’s better then Budweiser

  11. Quang B says:

    Bia is pronounced pretty much like beer. Heineken is more popular in Saigon than Budweiser, probably due to more aggressive advertising.

  12. Beer Man says:

    I like this very nice! really cool to do the tasting from the actual area or location! that was really cool! I’d really like to go around the world and check out different places and do beer tastings sounds very fun awesome man! Got my sub! Cheers!

  13. Rob Childers says:

    You should keep the list, and refo this video, (w/o reviewing), in 6 or 8 months to see if your tastes change.

  14. Marya DeBlasi says:

    IPA was made for the British in India; the hops, I am told, kept the beer from going off in the heat.
    What is the IPA situation in Viet Nam? Are you willing to taste a few of them for us?

    Those other beers, are any of them made by In-Bev (Budweiser?) Are they small local productions or are they available internationally?

  15. COWV COWV says:

    Bia Saigon got the highest grade, but wasn't your favorite?

  16. Thien Le says:

    Too bad you have finish them all. Lol

  17. Lee Smith Walkabout says:

    I'm not a beer expert, this is just my take on some of the beers I see locally in restaurants and in the grocery store. To be honest, none of them were bad, I just prefer some over others. As cheap as they are, I encourage you to do your own taste test.

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