There may be a delay in China tariffs, reportedly regardless of a trade deal.

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20 thoughts on “US may delay Dec. 15 China tariffs regardless of deal: Report

  1. It doesn't make any difference between US CHINA relationship any more. No deal or phrase one. It's all the same. These two countries will go separate ways econominally from now on because the new cold war is coming.

  2. Junior Bush: Fool me once shame (a long pause reaching the correct word in brain) … on you! Fool me twice (a long pause searching the correct word in brain, but failed and get frustrated)… YOU CANNOT FOOL me!!!

  3. The sooner American companies move the manufacturing out of China the better, however we can and always have been able to help in the trade war by simply not buying crap made in China.
    👍🏼Trump 2020🇺🇸

  4. Seem to me the united states can't afford to impose tariffs because of fear of counter tariffs hopefully chinas not though

  5. China is proving that they are not the kind of country that we need to deal with. We got along fine for 200 years without trading with China.

  6. Ig u watch Chinese news they report this to the people, there talking, but no deal untill all tarifs gone, them they can speak a deal, also they say this may take 20 years untill a deal😂 soo kinda difrent news on American than China about the same thing

  7. BREAKING: Due to massive evidence for impeachment multiple sources have confirmed that President Trump plans to step down from his office as President of the United States effective at noon on Monday, January 20, 2025


  9. Trump don't know what to do the FED is printing funny money by the hundreds of billions trying to keep banks propped up and China won't deal

  10. Don't delay the tariffs but increase them to 100% since China is paying and they are into the USA for about FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS.

  11. Trump 2020.Please Mr.President to stop this lawyers corrupts to accuse you for years start to arrest them we save tsxpayers money and they to put in jail or to work and stop this papagals with false accusations on taxpayers money.

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