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Hi there, Doug Stuman with IT Creations. Today we’ll be taking a look at that new Intel Xeon Scalable processor, code name Cascade Lake. Specifically, installing one or two of these second-generation processors in your Dell Precision 7820 or 7920 tower workstation, and that includes the new XLT versions. Will it work? Yes, it will and Dell has a procedure to update the system to support that new processor. First off. What’s the advantage of the Cascade Lake Scalable processor, which is the successor to the Skylake Scalable series, now lovingly referred to as… Watch the video!
Dell Precision 7920 Workstation — PRICING
Dell Precision 7820 Workstation — PRICING
Cascade Lake (intel Xeon Scalable Gen 2 processors) processors at IT Creations

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  1. TheMagnificentZoltar says:

    Yesterday I ordered a part for my Dell Precision 5820 from your company via chat and it was a very nice and friendly ordering experience. The part is already on its way to The Netherlands. It was a pleasure ordering from you.

  2. Mr_Beezlebub says:

    Also, as cool as Intel Xeons are, I wish OEMs offered AMD Epyc or Threadripper in workstations.

  3. Mr_Beezlebub says:

    Thank you for all the helpful videos you do.

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