27 thoughts on “Update on the LG B8 software WARNING video (version 05.10.10)

  1. Hi mate, I have an LG 55B8PLA, bought from Richer Sounds. Only had it two weeks and I've noticed this black line on the screen. Could you have a look please and tell me what you think? Ps. I haven't run this update you mention as I haven't even got our wifi sorted yet (new house).

  2. I don’t get it. We have the same TV. For me it made imagine better. Mines 55 inch version though. I leave OLED light to 50 even and still looks brilliant

  3. I must tell you mate, when you promise an update, you follow thru! You are reliable, informative and consistent! You are an asset to you tube’s site! Sorry for your dissatisfaction!! Not something you should have to deal with!

  4. Do you think these updates are a sort of planned obsolescence to make your TV perform worse after a few years or is that just crazy conspiracy thinking?

  5. Hi I wrote on a previous update about my slight blurring when did this new update happen I wonder if that is the cause of my issue it was fine when I went on holiday I came back and the blur issue was there I have. The 65 LG B I had it on automatic update it is an Oled

  6. I'm afraid to say this, but I've only had my LG E8 for only a few months and what I have noticed is that it tends to work better (Proper dark Blacks plus picture processing) a good hour of being warmed up and even then sometimes the Blacks are so bad that my Sony 4k led Android tv (which is in the bedroom), looks just as good in comparison with my LG OLED blacks (which is in the living room',) after all that is what I paid for to see them blacks 'properly black' and yet another thing about LG TVs I don't feel as confident as I do with my LED Sony TV. Don't get me wrong when my OLED E8 works as it supposed to, the picture is absolutely off the scale, after 3months of ownership i still get the wow factor, it's just a shame it's not as flawless as the Sony TVs after reading some of the comments and answers you have given Paul and you stated. The automatic software update is for B8 models only, i suppose I can take my TV out of the automatic software update equation. Not that it makes any bloody difference, one thing I should mention is that my Sony LED TV is hardwired whereas the OLED TV is Wi-Fi, if your one of these people who's reading this and you know that there are things I need to be told, well please tell me because I am in most need of advice.

  7. Nothing to do with this topic but recently got the LG B8 and was wondering if letterboxing is a concern with oled will it wear out some pixels quicker than others? And is it overall dangerous to view on oled?

  8. Updated it the day I got the alert – as I have done for all previous updates. Haven't noticed any problems or differences. I suspect maybe the much older firmware that the TV rolled out with had richer colours, but it also flickered in black scenes 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. I had to adjust brightness up to 60 to get back to where I was. Oh and switch to using Standard instead of Vivid. I’m totally fine with where I am now. Although I’m patiently waiting until 2nd Dec when I’ll get the 4K of Game of Thrones Season 8 and I’ll check out the quality of Ep3’s dark scenes on that. Had loads of posterisation in the Amazon stream but it’s compressed. Hoping there’s way less on the 4K.

  10. There are threads on the avs forum explaining how to go back. Besides the gamma, some people raised the brightness by just 1 or 2, as I see yours has been raised to 51. I use technicolor mode and set my gamma at 2.2. I have not updated, but the notice to update every time you turn on the tv can get annoying. Is it possible to turn that off?lol The proper thing to do would be to get it calibrated, and don't update again, but I understand that can be expensive. All this started when they sent out updates to fix the overshoot. If it aint broke don't fix/update it.

  11. Mines been updated since the update was rolled out. Haven't noticed any reduction in quality. I normally wait so consider my self lucky. Sorry to hear yours has made your picture wonky mate.

  12. I have the c8. I haven’t noticed anything different with the update. But I was totally disappointed there was still no support for AirPlay 2 and no Apple TV app.

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