New Mega Knight Bait Deck in Clash Royale for Trophy Pushing in Legendary arena 13. New Best Mega Knight Log Zap Bait Deck for Ladder and Grand Challenge in Clash Royale Season 5 2019. This Updated Mega Knight Dart Goblin Miner Bait Deck is very strong right now in Clash Royale for Trophy Pushing in Arena 13. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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  1. This deck was a blast to use today! Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! What deck should I cover next?

  2. Shane I recently just got the megaknight through the seasons free battle pass or watever u helped me alot cuz b4 the megaknight i got super lucky and got the ram rider and the miner somewhere below spooky town, ive been stuck in spookytown due to players having the megaknight and plenty of other counters for my cards, i might finally be in challenger for the first time thank you shane

  3. I JUST MADE A clan today on my alt i would appreciate if y'all joined it we will be doing war and a lot of fun stuff The clan is FrostClashers

  4. Anyone got any recommendations of what I could substitute dart goblin with for the moment, as it’s way too low to use

  5. Hey, if you guys are looking for a clan, please join my clan called Evolution and is is bronze league 3 and Dorkfish is the leader!

  6. UNDEFEATED!! Best hair in Clash Royale ❤️ always

    Wait. Do we like replays?! I’ve been looking at the hair this whole time! Better rewatch the video to see you play. Oops 🙊

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