Unboxing a CUSTOM Apple Watch Series 5

This is our Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing and Hands-On. For the first time, you can customize Apple Watch Studio, pick your case, and your dream band before you check-out. Apart from the usual aluminum and stainless steel, this year ceramic is back, and titanium is a new option. In this video, we unboxed a custom Apple Watch. I chose a 44mm Apple Watch with a stainless steel with a Milanese loop. Go over the new features in Series 5 and WatchOS 6.


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  1. prajwal b says:

    Hi, as you said @0:13, that you ll be reading the comments, I request you to give me any phone for my use as I'm using my mother phone which was bought my brother in his first salary to her and she gave me that phone to use and still my studies are pending I cannot afford to buy a phone .

  2. Reynaldy Putra says:

    Stainless steel with milanese loop is always my choice in every series

  3. Preston Boyd says:

    It comes in many different flavors

  4. RCKins says:

    Aye Singapore!

  5. 박종미 says:

    깔끔한 설명 감사합니다.

  6. Syed Alam says:

    44 is big on your wrist

  7. Edrian Lee says:

    best reviews always..

    please make me so much happy josh! i really wish to have one! your old ones can do! and will be appreciated soooooo much! 😁🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Robert Adams says:

    The back is actually ceramic and the glass on the display is sapphire. It's a stainless steel and Ceramic case with Sapphire crystal glass.

  9. Nathan Almeida says:

    It looks you expensive and increase your standard

  10. Kirit Jain says:

    I watched this like 5 times

  11. MadnessMobile says:

    This is exactly the model I purchased yesterday…it's very elegant and sexy. Your video is great. Excellent presentation.

  12. Ze Bubba says:

    For a much cheaper and very similar looking option, go with aluminum 44mm with milanese loop and without cellular. That's what I ordered just recently from apple.

  13. Explained Properly says:

    Nice haircut.

  14. Tom Khong says:

    Wow! The packaging is better looking than the content.

  15. Amos Kiplagat says:

    Please, as your fan, I’ll appreciate if you kindly give me the series 4 iWatch.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  16. nirmal singh says:

    Are you chinese

  17. Akash Malenni says:

    Will you give me your old watch please

  18. Smash says:

    Good.. what is your wrist size? I'm 17 CM and worried to get the 44mm, I've tried it and found it bit big.

  19. joyanjoyce says:

    Am from India do u like to sell the series 5 watch please inform

  20. Hein Soe says:

    Can any iWatch use without any iphone?

  21. MissEmpresss says:

    Short, sweet and to the bells and whistle! My guy! Best review I’ve come across! 👍🏾

  22. Pranjann Bakle says:

    What is the price

  23. Jennifer Cu says:

    Stainlees steel looks really elegant and classy. Great for evening wear.

  24. cynisdaone says:

    It looks gr8! Love the combo!

  25. YouTube Movie Clips says:

    Plz give me your apple watch s4. Lol😜😜

  26. roger tagailo says:

    It's cool

  27. taurus 17 says:

    40mm is better to suit on your wrist

  28. Pas d'amalgame R. says:

    JET LI IS UNBOXING A KUNG FU WATCH…(great video , congrats)

  29. moose185 says:

    I have this combo for series 3, looks badass. I could never go back to the aluminium version feels cheap and materials don’t hold up well, my series 0 had lots of dings and screen was scratched even though I took care of it. My series 3 screen looks immaculate despite hitting it everywhere.

  30. Arifur Rahman says:

    Review with xperia 5, plzz

  31. 菠萝仔 says:

    You look older now

  32. TechnoFreak says:

    you have small hands, watch is big

  33. Christian says:

    Don’t want to be a dick, but is he standing in front or sitting on that chair?

  34. Khalid Al-Ghanmy says:

    1:32 why are you in such a hurry ( ;

  35. Aninda Chakma says:

    Don't you overact???

  36. Francois P says:

    is your series 4 smaller? 40?

  37. Jannah Garcia says:

    Why the other custom watch, comes with 2 bands in the package?

  38. Mark Bo says:

    when i opened my apple watch the watch fell on the floor and cracked

  39. HU ViDs says:


  40. Jesus Mondragon says:

    Wheres his eyes?

  41. ÅLÏÊNWÂRÊ says:


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