Ultimate Minecraft Survival Base With Everything You Need To Survive! (#2)

How to build a house in minecraft / Starter base!
Today i show you how to make the ultimate survival base with a wooden house in the middle and underground base with farms and gardens

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    For people who like slow tutorials of huge mansions!! This is massive https://youtu.be/COtzek_nNRA

  2. Echo Oblivion says:

    3:35 what kind of plank is thattt

  3. Echo Oblivion says:

    How tall are the pillars 0:37

  4. Athan Delis says:

    Ok this has to much hard things to get for it to be a survival house

  5. Jordan Spencer says:

    That house is awesome😂 😎

  6. Paige Krause says:

    It took me 10hrs on survival to build this 🤷‍♀️ not long tbh

  7. TM Nation says:

    Bruhh how’d u do that lil fancy roof thingy ??

  8. TM Nation says:

    I used dark oak instead of oak 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. Zatch says:

    Bruh when you started explaining the roof you said "birch wood" and I got that and built it in survival, then afterwords you said "btw the outside is in OAK"

  10. Dream Desk says:

    This requires about
    1,186 oak logs
    136 acacia logs
    214 birch logs
    And 70 dark oak logs equating to
    1,606 total logs and very roughly around 230 trees.

    Smoky would not be proud.

  11. Levi Angelo says:

    Im not doing this house because my bro and friends will burn it

  12. Iriax _ says:


  13. Chelsea Ferrell says:

    love this!! gonna build it on my Skyblock!!

  14. Martin Köhn says:

    how big is it blocks

  15. Lunaeditss says:


  16. Natalie Conravey says:


  17. Trevor Stubbs says:

    This was the first building I made in my new world and I’ve gotta say this takes so long and so many resources

  18. Scarfy says:

    This house takes me 4 days to do in survival, but i did it xD

  19. impoloz yt says:

    1:10 at this time….I think he want to build Micky mouse clubhouse

  20. Edward Yarrow says:

    Who will help me build this on Xbox servers survival?

  21. Cyril D says:

    I wanted to say thank you for your superb tutorial on minecraft me who follows a noob I appreciated your super tutorial thank you to you

  22. Madelyn Morgan says:

    clicks the video
    sees the ads
    me: hm nah

  23. Niftyman James says:

    Yo that detail

  24. kamal ihya says:

    I need the interior…

  25. SirRavenBat says:

    You gotta respect a guy that goes this all out and doesn't use world edit

  26. 『MIRAII- ZURA!!』 says:

    Here's a tip:
    If you're going to try building this, I recommend using "Effortless Building" mod :))

  27. Hephaestus says:

    Builded this with my friend on my friends realm it took 8h, like 20 axes and we are still not done….

  28. cfd backup says:

    Took me and the boys 8 hours on mobile and pc to finish this bad boy

  29. Mitu Sk says:


  30. DrEvil 0 9 6 7 says:

    Slaps side of house “this bad boy will take you five years

  31. Female Spawn Of Satan says:

    This made me have a Mental breakdown

  32. Pouki Sauvage says:


  33. TwiSteD Spyder1 says:

    Love this

  34. Matthew Latimer says:

    This man said birch then wood after i built the entire stair thing out of birch in hardcore mode 🙁

  35. Nico salinas says:

    Holy fuck this in survival is a nightmare for someone who is bad at building,halfway I wanted to erase the map but My anxiety won to me and i finished it
    Took me like 5 days ,like 10 hours of Game more or less

  36. Canadiense Marvel says:


  37. Canadiense Marvel says:


  38. Canadiense Marvel says:


  39. Thomas D says:

    Who has some nice interior designs

  40. Raymundo Paulin says:

    I love your vids ❤️❤️ But can you be a little specific on what your using next time because for example, there was this part where you told us to put a square in like the middle of the boxes, but you never specified what type of wood you were using. But it is ok! I stilled loved the vid!!

  41. Lincoln Ellenor says:

    instructions unclear:
    the FBI is outside my house

  42. T.M.A 777 says:

    I spent 5 days straight building this thing!!! this is CRAZY!!!

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