How to build a house in minecraft / Starter base!
Today i show you how to make the ultimate survival base with a wooden house in the middle and underground base with farms and gardens

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42 thoughts on “Ultimate Minecraft Survival Base With Everything You Need To Survive! (#2)

  1. Bruh when you started explaining the roof you said "birch wood" and I got that and built it in survival, then afterwords you said "btw the outside is in OAK"

  2. This requires about
    1,186 oak logs
    136 acacia logs
    214 birch logs
    And 70 dark oak logs equating to
    1,606 total logs and very roughly around 230 trees.

    Smoky would not be proud.

  3. I wanted to say thank you for your superb tutorial on minecraft me who follows a noob I appreciated your super tutorial thank you to you

  4. Holy fuck this in survival is a nightmare for someone who is bad at building,halfway I wanted to erase the map but My anxiety won to me and i finished it
    Took me like 5 days ,like 10 hours of Game more or less

  5. I love your vids ❤️❤️ But can you be a little specific on what your using next time because for example, there was this part where you told us to put a square in like the middle of the boxes, but you never specified what type of wood you were using. But it is ok! I stilled loved the vid!!

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