Oct.25 — The Chinese-owned video application TikTok may be a national security threat to the U.S. and should be investigated, two key senators said in a letter to the acting director of national intelligence. “TikTok is a potential counterintelligence threat we cannot ignore,” Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a letter Thursday to Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire. Bloomberg’s Selina Wang reports on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.”

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47 thoughts on “U.S. Senators Call for Security Probe of China’s TikTok

  1. So they don't store the data in China but what about storing it elsewhere and selling facial recognition that might go back to China from some other country

  2. No business in China can deny requests made by the CCP. Stop trying to reframe the story. If the CCP requests access it is given. That is a national security risk.

  3. The Tik Toc policy you agree to when downloading the app gives Tik Toc ownership of everything you put on the app, and gives the app access to everything on your phone.

  4. How about instead of complaining the US Goverment makes its own popular app, lets call it "KNOCK KNOCK, NSA MOTH€R F@CK€R" ….*whats that…..oh it already exists…..you mean the NSA has been spying on us this whole time??* sh¡t I better delete my history, I LOVE AMERICA, NSA #1 BEST ❤🇺🇸❤

  5. From 1952-1976 the NSA illegally "wiretapped" US citizens land line phone calls. And the biggest phone company in the World at that time assisted the NSA in criminal activity. They were caught, breaking the law. * Bella Abzug chaired an investigation into this crime. Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, and Gerald Ford confronted her, and warned her, and sought to stop her from proceeding in investigation. Which is "obstruction of justice" in itself. The results of that investigation somehow was classified as "top secret" and ruled not to be opened for 75 yrs. Or yr. 2051. SO IS – *Chiner the real threat ??? Please pray for His Kingdom to come – Matt.6:10 when our loving God and Father will eradicate sin and death. So it can be "on Earth, like it is in Heaven" – Mt.6:10 No sin No death in Heaven.. God bless you 🤗 and I hope happiness and love is in your life today, Amen

  6. Just do to them what you do to the American conservative sites. Why do you not have a problem screwing over your own people but are all nervous and scared to do it to people that want you dead question mark you people are timid.

  7. Isn't everything a "national security" risk these days ? Meanwhile our lawmakers are doing absolutely nothing but squabbling amongst themselves while our infrastructure is falling apart .

  8. Yeah right they don't save your personal information, and doesn't share it with China BS. Why not mark Zuckerberg and Tim cook do.

  9. Fucking stupid. So we're allowed to have Chinese toys, Japanese tech, Taiwanese clothes, but NOT A SINGLE ASIAN APP!!! Fire every old fuck politician who thinks TikTok is a problem!

  10. Isn't China the Trump adminstrations new best friend, along with Kim Jong in Korea, Vladimir Putin in Russia, and the corrupt dictatorship of Saudi Arabia 🤔 makes one think don't it???

  11. Every collection cycle, ALL the data Google collects from the Americans who use Google products, is sold at govt. discount to the NSA under contract, but it also sold to both Walmart, AND the Chinese. Every email written, even secure code used, every purchase, every search, a record of all our habits and identities… are sold to the Chinese. They know where you live, what gas you buy, the food you eat, the places you go, who you met online…..

  12. OMG, Tick- Tock is a stupid tell a joke teenager app. Who Cares. Stupid old white guys called Republicans that’s who. Got a fucking idiot racist moron liar-n-chief in the White House and THIS is what the government is worrying about. PATHETIC.

  13. Soooooo……. slowly we will also be limited on what we can watch, possibly after that what we can listen too and who knows maybe also many children we are allowed to have.

  14. So the same people should be equally concerned with google, Microsoft, amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc, etc, right?

  15. looks like teh Zuckerberg vs Senator is just for show, this attempt to ban it would benefit facebook and their ambition to enter the short video platform.

  16. The United States increasingly lacks self-confidence and has a fear of China. It is afraid that China will surpass the United States. Hegemonic America is used to lying and cheating the world and its citizens.

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