Trying Vietnamese EGG COFFEE in Saigon + Ben Thanh MARKET TOUR! (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

Today we’re in Saigon, and on a mission to try a quirky Vietnamese drink called Egg Coffee! 🥚☕️ Then we head to the Ben Thanh market for some DELICIOUS Vietnamese food. Then we finish up on the craziest party street in Ho Chi Minh: Bui Vien

Little Hanoi Egg Coffee:
Ben Thanh Market:
Bui Vien Street:


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  1. Nghĩa Trương says:

    Wow, the knives!

  2. Luxury Travel says:

    This video is great, I really like it. You can follow me to see more interest video about travel Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Thank you!!

  3. Seda Guyer says:

    Allison finally figured it out but probably way too late on Bun Nuong noodle dish but if she really saw this many places and wanted to try it how could she not now about the sauce, which by the way is called Nuoc Cham and it's Vietnam's version of sweet n sour but with a kick and it's not thick, it's like water.

  4. Kimberly M says:

    How close is the flavor of the food in Vietnam to what is sold at a Vietnamese restaurant in the states?

  5. Chevron Blue says:

    I LOVE watching your videos. I'm from Slovenia and I loved your videos about my country. It made me appreciate it even more. The way you incorporate the history and interesting facts is amazing. I'm a dedicated subscriber now 😁

  6. Nguyen Quoc Tuan says:

    Wellcome to Việt Nam . Love guy

  7. Chuong Nguyen says:

    Dont know that is available in town. Look yummy

  8. Brilliant But Blue says:

    Guys, l love your videos they are excellent editing etc….. BUT watching you two eat is absolutely painful!! You drag it out and have absolutely no idea how to "eat like a local". Sorry.😕 but your killing me with your eating.

  9. Hai Phong l says:

    HCM was a mass murder dictator just like the rest of of communist dictators. I'm Vietnamese would prefer you call it Saigon

  10. Phuong Anh Bui says:

    For me, this shop should change the knife which they used for breakfast, just because it is usually used in cooking not eating. 🙂

  11. NightskyCH says:

    Egg coffee sounds like tiramisù or zabaione cream!

  12. KTKU says:

    i love you guys

  13. Ho Chi Minh was a mass-murderer says:

    See my channel.

  14. crushme99 says:

    What an absolutely GORGEOUS video. Wow.

  15. Post2Post says:

    That egg coffee actually looked pretty interesting!

  16. dave walters says:

    Why'd you shake your head disapprovingly at the person on the scooter when you were crossing?

  17. Laura Elle says:

    Nice haggling! Those fake Ray-Bans are everywhere these days. Cozumel is pretty bad, too, for people trying to grab your have and pull you into their store. I haggled over $200 off a ring there once, but otherwise we try to avoid the bazaars. Allison seemed pretty annoyed at the beginning, what with the weather and the shop issues. I'm glad to see your night ended on a high note!

  18. Dash 545 says:

    It’s politically incorrect to call hcm city. You should call Saigon . No Vietnamese outside of VN call hcm city because It’s a communist city name.

  19. Hans-Walter Rievers says:

    Hallo deutsche Urlauber,fliegt mal nach Vietnam und erlebt den Urlaub mal anders! Fliegt über Bangkok und bucht die letzte Etappe per Billigflieger aus Asien! Das spart Kohle, oder schaut nach günstigen Flügen, letzten mit Swiss für 450 € hin- und zurück geflogen!!! Hotels, werden nach Zimmer berechnet, nicht nach Personen! Also kann man auch für 10 € pro Tag für 2 Personen leben. Das Essen gibt es gut und preiswert auf der Straße! Aber reurer in den Kaufhäusern der Stadt! Nochmal nach Malle? Nach dem Urlaub nicht mehr!!!

  20. ss56830 says:

    You're supposed to pour the sauce all over your bun thit nuong

  21. The Rabbit News says:

    Try this in Vietnam. In a tall glass, put some condensed milk, two eggs. Then fill the glass with ice cube. Then add club soda. Mix everything well. Lastly, enjoy the drink. Yes, it helps you later at night with your lady.

  22. Dan Green says:

    Just a tip with sunglasses – cheap sunglasses can actually be more dangerous than no sunglasses at all. The dark lenses make your pupils dilate, so if the lenses don't block UV then you're basically opening up your pupils and letting all the cancer rays in.

  23. Kay says:

    Omg try five boys number one! Look for bun cha, banh canh cua , lunch lady, mangosteen fruit, banh Cuon . If you look up foodyvn and search those words it’s like Vietnam’s yelp you can go through pictures and find an address . Hopefully you’re still there 🥰🥰

  24. John Makkidis says:

    Great video,very busy city. About tje sunglasses you REALLY should not wear them, your just damaging your eyes (retina) . take it from an optician. Happy travels,greetings from Greece.

  25. Matt Weisner says:

    You know you're a fan of Endless Adventure when you realize you have three separate windows with different episodes paused.

  26. Teresa Moorhouse says:

    Do you ever get sick sometimes from eating some foods?

  27. Healing Its Happening! says:

    Dude! You ended with a backhand!! That was awesome!!

  28. hank green says:

    I had the same exact dish in Solvang today. The fish sauce gets poured all over it at the beginning. Suff is crazy good

  29. denise teitelbaum says:

    Excellent video! I would have a panic attack in a place like that

  30. Norreanelucy Padmencie says:

    We can hear you guys just fine

  31. Let Go says:

    Love it guys 👍 great video

  32. ELEKTRARE says:

    You are a sweet cute couple , I wish I could be your Bestie 😘

  33. Everything Elise says:

    Just found you guys!! Love your videos. I was in Vietnam’s late last year so this is a lovely reminder of all the amazing food and culture. Do you plan to come to Australia?

  34. Proshi says:

    Watching your videos always puts me in a good mood.

  35. RyanKB says:

    Just a little tip, do not wear your backpack on your back like that if you're still. Bigger chance of being pickpocket

  36. BEACH LIFE78 says:

    Great channel guys always love to watch every episode.i liked the look of the egg coffee.It looked so hot and humid in that market that smoothie was defo needed.Have fun 🙂 xx

  37. lam nguyen says:

    You guys should drink that coffe with cocktail straw. You that you can taste the coffee and egg at the same time.

  38. Kirsten Kly says:

    I would love if you could tell us the prices of the food as you eat them I am always interested in how much things cost in other places! And I would love a video on how you finance your trips!

  39. Gary Alexander says:

    I love you guys

  40. Swathi Rao says:

    Is Saigon worth it if you're strapped for time in Vietnam?

  41. Lynn G says:

    The complaining is so hard to watch. Eric made it to sentence 5 before the complaints started. It could be a drinking game: drink whenever he complains.

  42. Tuấn Anh says:

    you should try coconut coffee too it is

  43. Tom Pham says:

    I am Vietnamese. I prefer HoCHiMinh city.

  44. Dang Cecilia says:

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary 🎉🥰❤️ you two are my favourite vloggers ever!!! I know this is quite late of a recommendation but if you guys still stay till tmr night, please drop by “bánh canh cua Út Lệ” at 204-210 Tô Hiến Thành street, 14 ward, district 10 and try our best noodles in town called “bánh canh cua” it’s sweet and sour crab udon noodles that can only be found in the South of Vietnam, at that district for the best taste ever 🎉💪🏻

  45. Hajarah Shariff says:

    wow i was there from 14-16 march and went to the same egg coffee place!

  46. Behind The Nhien says:

    There's a warning level of UV light and heat in the Southeast area lately. I don't know how I'm gonna deal with it this summer; oof. Fantastic video though! Very decent coverage, judging from a Viet person who watched vlog about Vietnam all day haha.

  47. West meets East says:

    OMG did you just pay 670K for those fake glasses? I live here and I usually pay 35K. Please get out of D1 and see the real Saigon. Also check out tunnel park across the river 🙂

  48. Abby Mitchell says:

    In my experience, even if you ask for no sugar they will still put in condensed milk…. ask for your smoothie "không đường, không sữa đặc" (no sugar no condensed milk)

  49. Katrina Gunther says:

    Are you two in Melbourne? I think I saw you both at Flinders Street Station today

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