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1. What equipment do you use?
My camera –
Vlog lens –
Vlog mic –
Photography lens –
My drone –
Desk mic (commentary) –
My computer –
My tripod –

HIDDEN COMMENT: just quit already

source: https://goindocal.com/

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26 thoughts on “trying to get 1 million tik tok followers i cant do this anymore

  1. ok I subscribed and liked for you . you guys have way to much time on your hands lol, don't ask me WHY i have watched so many of these crazy videos but I have. I don't think I can get those 2 or three hours back 🙂

  2. Just wanted you to know.. I bookmarked your Spockey-Spockey-Spockey video because I will (literally) wake up in the middle of the night and wish to watch that video. So like half of those views are from me. 🙃

  3. tictoc isnt that popular for 18+ year olds in europe and asia, i dont know about america but those are prob your subscribers on tictoc

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