With President Trump facing legal questions over his profiting from business while in office, there are signs that the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., which has become a go-to destination for lobbyists and foreign officials seeking favors from the White House, will be put up for sale. Weija Jiang reports.

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25 thoughts on “Trump’s D.C. hotel may go up for sale

  1. please, please show some integrity and straight truth in your stories! Trump doesn't own the hotel so he CAN'T sell it. He leases it from the GSA – so, in other words, the federal government owns it. The POTUS can sell the lease to the hotel and that's what is being contemplated. at the very least, your headline for this story is misleading.

  2. Doesn't trump's daughter supposedly 'work' at the white house, though? Her husband, Jared, too?!
    The term for that is NEPOTISM but hey, why should Americans really care???
    Regardless of which of his family members trump transfers his properties to (while he's acting as so-called "president"), it's STILL the "trump industries" brand (that he operates) raking in billions of dollars from these businesses & ultimately, it's HIS brand being promoted.
    I suppose the only reason even republicans are against the whole idea is actually because:

  3. Too bad people won't let this man do his job. What a waste of media bs and waste of energy. He is rich and doing a better job than any president in the history. I was anti Trump for his first year until I realized the amount of bias and lies in the media. The only thing this video aimed to do was paint a bad picture. Why because he is smart and has a hotel? How is this some type of issue? Could you even imagine what would come up if every person in politics was under a mirco scope all the time? As hard as Dems try they can't find a single thing to make the American people dislike him. The ones that do are sitting on a beach on the coast in a fancy resort complaining about the state of the nation. No population has ever had they type of opportunities we have right now. Let's move on from all the BS and focus helping people that need help and protecting ourselves from any foreign or domestic threats.

  4. If there is any possibility that the president could be impeached, this wouldn't be a story. If there is any possibility the president won't be re-elected, this wouldn't be a story. But because the media knows we have another 5 years from this day on, with Trump as our president they are going to keep trying to pound him in the ground. Funny thing is that it's just making his supporters stronger.

  5. Some of the largest amounts of denial can be found here in the comment section. When you are ignorant there is not a care in the world about how people see you. lol

  6. Trying to create some money to pay his lawyers. that also make sense why poor poor Donald don't want to show his tax papers.

  7. bo bo ho bo 😢😢
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Trump think somebody is stupid enough to over pay for a hotel with the Trump name on it ? Trump can't full up his other hotel and property around the world and one of the contruction is sues Trump for the work he did on this same hotel before it open in January 2017.

  9. "Of course there is a no quid pro quo, that's how you handle foreign relations! GET OVER IT"
    That is the hardest slap in the face the American people had to endure while the international community
    laughs at the GREATEST DISPLAY OF CORRUPTION in American history.

  10. Amazing how Everyone loved Trump since the 1980,s he's been in the news …from Rappers praising him , got awards for helping minorities ,even got award from Jessie Jackson, donated to lots of Charity's .. theirs been a multitude of stories about him helping people over the years..Donated to Democrats and Republicans…He's publicly stated his beliefs and used the same Political rhetoric for decades….He was laughed at and called names when he ran for the Republican nomination…CNN MSNBC ABC CBS MADE JOKES ABOUT TRUMP Mocking how he could never win the Republican nomination..He Won and they STILL Mocked and laughed they wrote Trump off like a joke… But then the Trump Rally's started getting their attention.. Hillary was drawing small crowds while Donald Trump packing in venues and thousands could not get in stood outside… Around that time that's when the media started there barrage of attacks But they STILL Mocked Trump… When Trump destroyed Hillary in a landslide victory The Globalists The Crooked politicitians the drive by Media controlled by Globalists went into full Attack mode.. some of these same politicians that took money from Trump over the years now they say he is one of the most evil worse things that could ever be ..now he's racist they say…the Soros paid for protests that were pre-planned start the next day…It has been Trump delusion Syndrome ever since… Mean while Trump has guided our COUNTRY into being strong and prosperous.. Black and Hispanics unemployment is at record lows.. steel mills that'd been shut down for years re opened.. impoverished areas are being renovated helping out primarily minority areas.. President Trump signed the prison reform bill that helped minorities that were sentenced unfair… Thanks to tax cuts individual Americans as well as companies are doing well…. House building is at a record level…. All across the United States infrastructure is being revamped.. our military is strong again .. we are respected in the world once more and we are feared by our enemies as they knowwe have the military strength and might to wipe them out… Meanwhile Trump has gotten more and more supporters… Tens of thousands of Black and Hispanics that were Democrats have now became Trump supporters…#Walk away has brought multitudes of Gays as well as others that left the Democrat party…. The Globalists that want to destroy our constitution and country know Trump can not be defeated in 2020..that's why you see THEM move on impeachment . It has never been clearer that the Democrat party is aligned with the Globalists working to destroy our constitution.

  11. Trump claims he's not profiting off his properties while being "POTUS." His son said they're making to much money that's why they're selling. Seems kinda two faced. Well no they're a family of outright liars.

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