Troll Warlord vs Anti Mage super carry battle Dota2 Duel 1v1

Troll Warlord vs Anti Mage super carry battle Dota2 Duel 1v1
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  1. le anh says: rubick vs invoker

  2. MoBiLe LeGeNd GaMiNg iF LiF3 says:

    Am noobs diot satanic full life im archon

  3. MoBiLe LeGeNd GaMiNg iF LiF3 says:

    Req ko warlock vs any plss

  4. Best Se3keR says:

    it's not duel it's just ward battle

  5. Joezu says:

    am 1k, troll 2k build

  6. Chaska Tome says:

    Wtf noob am

  7. Ls Ralte says:

    noob antimage…

  8. henrri Palomino says:

    Jah rakal siempre le parte la Madre Al anttimage de mierda El Antimage is chikent y cobarde hijo de perra

  9. AnubiS says:

    Troll is way stronger than AM…

  10. weijian liang says:

    best am in this world?XD

  11. Nikolas Mathew says:

    Whatafaaaaaak? The only totally noob was he also he was escaping all the time such as a rat kid i hate him i wanna kill 1000 times punch his face and tell him you are the noob peach 😡 what a shitty player hey btw nice doto ez troll gameplay =v

  12. Ma Rio says:

    LoL that is the best am u could find?

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