“One summer day, Shun Nanami meets a girl who is the spitting image of his dead sister. She turns out to be a high-tech android indistinguishable from a human being. So begins a touching tale in a world where androids and human beings coexist.”

Quality will be reduced than normal video quality due to me having to lower settings to actually let myself stream.

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22 thoughts on “Trinoline (Stream #1) – Feeling the Sadness Already

  1. If it was me i would also have felt weird about it but the moment Sara said that they had implemented my sisters memories inside her it would have changed for me. That means that she wouldnt be just an android anymore but my real sister. Her body would be artificial but her memories would be human. They arent programmed or just a simulation. When she mentioned the bunkbed it wasnt her programming making her say that, she was remembering it because of her memories. They are real human memories from my real sister and from that basis she would make new memories with her family and friends now. Because of that i could treat her as my real sister and not just an android who resembles her. Thats how i see it.

  2. > {front,side,back}sprites exists
    > Nearly every characters' sprites moves, even in CGs
    > some animations


  3. Fucking shit, dude! I missed this streaming. Where was it announced? I was checking this game out on VNDB just yesterday. I’m onboard.

  4. TEAM YUURI!!!!!!!

    But anyways…….. I don't know about the android sister man. I just…….. I feel like it's so wrong. You can say that she is what she is but…….. SHE'S DEAD!!!! LET ME REPEAT!!!! SHE'S DEAD!!!!! You can't just MAKE her like a freaking toy! It's disrespectful to the dead person and the person that is suffering.

    I don't know…….. You can hate me all you want but this is just…….

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