Town Hall 5 Awesome War Base ⏺Clash of Clans (CoC TH5)


  1. JOSH k frank says:

    Put in air defens

  2. Vaghela Yash says:


  3. Nasir Khan says:

    Thank you so much I loved it 😱👌👍

  4. Joker 66 says:

    BD KiNGS

  5. gamerboy 880 says:

    That is easy village haha i will attack your village i will back im going too get some drago hahahaha!!!!

  6. William Sun says:

    You should put your defences on the inside the resources don't matter in a war base

  7. Mohammed Gamers MG says:

    how link

  8. Zoguito Shido says:

    Why Is dis in a Errape Videos?

  9. XKeith infinite gachaX says:

    thanks bro youre the best

  10. JLSports 1234 says:

    This is for town hall 6

  11. Forbis says:

    just switch the air defence location out with the wizard tower

  12. maipros zetas Likes says:

    Like 5 wtf me sirve

  13. Josué Martinez says:

    75% of people:why did you put the air defense out of the base

    24% of people:Thx this work so good

    1% of people:It looks like a pineapple

  14. Khorshed Alam says:

    Y you put air defense outside ur base
    Enemies will destroy it and send in air troops

  15. Team Black/M7MD says:


  16. Nick 5107 says:


  17. nabil Islami says:

  18. Aiden O’Dell says:

    This is the worst war base because 1, you don’t need to protect loot in war.
    2. You don’t protect the air defense.
    3.nothings in a good place.

  19. Rocio mora says:

    es una por queria el diseño lose por que soi allutamiento 10

  20. Iamwildfor Pikachu says:

    personally I would put storages outside of a war base because they are useless unless you you want to time consume your opponent
    Also NEVER put your air defence outside of a base,
    I’m A town hall9 I know what I’m saying

  21. Yusuf Türker says:


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