Tour of BEIRUT, LEBANON – Attractions, Food, Coffee, and Best Mediterranean Views!

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Beirut, Lebanon is an amazing city. It’s a city that’s been through a lot, but the people hold it together. In this simple and fun travel guide to Beirut, we’ll eat some delicious food and visit some of the famous sights of Beirut. #Beirut #Lebanon

Kamel – Feryal Boutique:

Feryal – Mouneh Boutique ( – Kamel and his family source the best food products and ingredients from across Lebanon. I bought some sour young grape juice and pomegranate molasses to bring home to Thailand with me. Go say hi to Kamel when you’re in Beirut!

Basterma Mano ( – The highlight here is the soujouk on the shawarma, and it’s delicious. The basterma is good too, but the soujouk was the winner for me. Soujouk Sandwich – 5,000 LBP ($3.32)

Mossis Restaurant ( – Since we were in the area, Kamel knew another sandwich shop he’d been going to for years. We had roast beef, soujouk, and the kind owners gave us a plate of basterma on the side – delicious. Sandwich – 6,000 LBP ($3.98)

Al Falamanki Raouche – This is a cafe and restaurant serving all sorts of Lebanese food, and one of the highlights of coming here is to enjoy the amazing views of the iconic Raouche Rocks – Pigeons’ Rock. It’s not cheap, but a very nice place to hang out in Beirut.

Next on this tour of Beirut, we stopped at the beautiful Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque and Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in the heart of Beirut. And lastly, we walked along the gorgeous Corniche Beirut waterfront.

Hotel Albergo ( – We were invited for a rooftop sunset drink at the top of Hotel Albergo, a beautiful historical hotel in Beirut. The view was outstanding, and a perfect was to finish a day in Beirut.

Hope you enjoyed this simple Beirut travel guide!



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  1. Gabriel Herera says:

    5:00 what is writen on the wall is :"love you country not with you lips but your heart . Love her sea .love her mountains .love her soil(or dirt) and she will love you with her heart and fruits .
    Micheal Naayme

  2. Jeff Pho says:

    I need to travel more!

  3. Diana Artemis says:

    Lebanon used to be called Switzerland of the Arab world

  4. Diana Artemis says:

    It said pomegranate is the fruit of heaven it’s sooooooo good and healthy

  5. lalis l says:

    I want to go to Lebanon so bad now!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  6. Julio Feliciano says:

    Hey I have question where are you from

  7. ZELOS says:

    Wow! The contrast/mixture of the French, Arab, ancient, and modern architecture (including the scars of war) is absolutely fascinating! Not to mention the Mediterranean, just beautiful. I have to come to Lebanon some day!

  8. Anluxe M says:

    This was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Mark

  9. Winict Maximus Cosmo says:

    Thank you, Kamel, for your wonderful hospitality and great knowledge of foods .. preserve the tradition and culture

  10. Becker's Rs says:

    Stop calling your friend Camel , that’s not nice =)

  11. Vishal Barhath says:

    Mark his name is kamel and you are pronouncing camel

  12. rosh a says:

    The music of Omar Khayrat!!

  13. Annabelle Bynum says:

    wow so nice beauty really nice place 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. MO MO says:

    i love lebanon

  15. Ray Rabi says:

    great video

  16. mcse9073 says:

    This is your future Mark. You will die of a heart attack from tooo much coffee and you will be stung by a stingray on the chin…

  17. frank ingram says:

    Like the "STRESS" sign.

  18. woooow232323 says:


  19. Southside. O.G. says:

    I remember when RIP Anthony Bourdain was there filming, when a war broke , and they were basically stranded in the hotel that they stayed.

  20. pryncess-abledbyGod says:

    Now where is the Love button? Lebanon!👀Wow! 🕍🌄🛳🥝🍇🍝🦐🐟🍹🎶🎥🎉 Mark you're the best! So happy to tag along on these amazing trips, each time, I am🗻🏝🌅💥😀 captivated by these refreshing scenes!

  21. Hussein Kefel says:

    Thank you Mark for this beautiful video of my city Beirut

  22. Joe abdallah says:

    No it's an older mosque

  23. Riyad Anabtawi says:

    Love your videos. Especially of Lebanon. I used to live there many years ago! I am addicted. Planning a long trip. Do you ever go to Morroco? That´s on my list too. Let me know. All the best. Riyad

  24. Zhora Julhakyan says:

    Visit to Armenia Mark

  25. Matty Wanders says:

    Awesome video! Can't wait to visit Lebanon! Subscribed! Safe travels.

  26. vinod chiluka says:

    awarmaa eggs great

  27. vinod chiluka says:

    lebanon food cool other guys are cool

  28. vinod chiluka says:

    make videos on indian food

  29. I think... says:

    The mosque is beautiful, but the minarets are oversized and it takes up so much space. It should have been lowered and more balanced with the rest of the buildings. But no one would dare criticize. The worst is the call to prayer. I’m Muslim, but I don’t need to pay 5 million dollars for an apartment and be woken up so early by speakers blasting.

  30. I think... says:

    I like how he says Beirut… Beyrrrrrrrooooot

  31. I think... says:

    My aunt took me and we got some sandwiches from Mano, I could have eaten 10 bastermas and then all the other stuff again.

  32. I think... says:

    The Lebanese are amazing. If the civil war was in any other, they cannot recover this quickly. Lebanon is amazing and so much fun.

  33. Joan Rath says:

    A visit to Lebanon is now on our family bucket list.

  34. Joan Rath says:

    Does kamel ship an can he send out a magazine of products globally?

  35. ceazer says:

    Greetings from Lebanon ❤️

  36. Eric Klein says:

  37. Mmebled31 sans nom says:

    cheer – up

  38. Diablo Seasonings says:

    Love your videos man, where about in Beirut is the shop with all the pickled stuff? Looks awesome 🙂

  39. William Mellor says:

    Beautiful and inviting…I love it!

  40. Kaam Ali says:

    This videos are refreshing. Every time I watch a new vlog it’s just awesome.

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