Top Viral Animal Videos – May 2019

Here are Newsflares best viral animal videos of May 2019.

From cute, heart-warming to downright funny…we have it all! Let us know which one of these hilarious animal videos was your favourite.

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  1. Tae Young Ahn says:

    6:42 "Beware, beware! His flashing eyes, his floating hair!"

  2. hughs art says:

    Leave Kids unattended of course they will climb on your Jeep.

  3. Dam DaBOSS says:

    what did the comment say to the video


  4. Karthik says:

    When someone touches your secret diary..
    You: 2:13

  5. K1llStealer says:

    Legend has it the bear still doesn't know why the door kept closing

  6. sutil Al says:

    the little goats love the "sheep" car

  7. Teoman says:

    Number 1 should be the dog almost killed 2 hippies

  8. ZooTycoonLord says:

    give that bear a hat and a tie and he'll be smarter than the average bear!

  9. Iforgetmygoogle Account says:

    12:00 what an asshole

  10. Unwise says:

    9:57 fuck you for this.. just fuck you

  11. Braxton Mclean says:

    Why kermit so mad

  12. TetrisBoy 77 says:

    3:34 those are the duck hunt duo

  13. Danillo Fleetwood says:

    Why add that clip of the crow eating the duckling? It ruined the whole video for me!

  14. MrJamesLongstreet says:

    The moral of the story is: don't buy a jeep and a couple of goats at the same time.

  15. tahm kench usta says:

    5:15 that baby has a bigger slong then me

  16. Dante Diep says:

    Quick question, but is that "Michael Jordan" dog video supposed to be real? Because the ball itself looks fake, and the net looks fake as well watching in slow motion. But I'm not sure if it was done intentionally cartoony.

  17. Nico says:

    Can you at least source the original videos that you stole from asshole

  18. gagi thenigga says:

    5:51 That Rat is Cuuuteee

  19. Eric Swansboro says:

    The monkey is used for a common scam, he jumps in and takes all the money and runs off like he doesn't own the monkey and then he drives a little down the road and picks the monkey back up

  20. the_plantnextdoor says:

    All the bear wants is a snack bro just share

  21. the_plantnextdoor says:

    1:46 that crab scares me

  22. Tony Gibson says:

    Hahaha "HUUUCK!!!!"

  23. jaylee says:

    2:30 me coming home after a long night

  24. Aku From the future says:

    I wonder why the car gagged like that towards human food

    I've never seen a cat do that
    All the cats I've seen want human food

  25. Cassie Henderson says:

    Don't call me Shirley

  26. aaron says:


  27. Essere Vivente says:

    Ciao piggy patrol 😂

  28. 3spotkushGen129 says:

    Cat gets caught cheating priceless

  29. Duquesne Xander Garcia says:

    2:40 it's a pet bear don't be scared guys

  30. Judiel Díaz says:


  31. TraveLaag Diaries says:

    hi doggie! why you're so cute?! na-miss ko tuloy alaga kong aso because of your vid sis…yung aso ko pag-nakalabas nang bahay, hihingal ka sa kakahabol..haha!

  32. ASMR TexanLatinWhisper says:

    6:27 – I was like where's the other dog, then I realized it was a pile of hair. #imdumb

  33. MEME Lord says:

    0:52 ur mom when u doing dumb shit

  34. #SamuRai says:

    🐐: nice view from the top of the car
    Guy : babe whats for lunch
    Babe : no idea honey
    Guy : lets have mutton kema

  35. IDK 23 says:

    what would have been more funny was if the goat started pooping on the jeep

  36. Jaybruhh Wolf says:

    that last one is hilarious

  37. Jaybruhh Wolf says:


  38. Green Inkling says:

    I love goats

  39. Maybelline says:

    10:14 stupid fucking women she didn’t do anything she was too busy recording!!!

  40. Đorđe Topalović says:

    2:53 uhmm… Hello?

  41. Khotgor says:

    I wonder, after seeing that brown bear open that door, that people mistook bears for werewolves.

  42. InkwidSama says:

    10:16 Thanks for ruining my day

  43. ElectricMarioAndBubbles 64 says:

    animals are cute as heaven!

  44. missblueskydreamer says:

    That chubby raccoon is basically me at the gym, lol.

  45. Lugmillord says:

    That raccoon… I feel so sorry for him but it still just looks so funny.

  46. xkidmidnightx says:

    Pitbulls need to be exterminated.

  47. Felix Duran says:

    9:08 when the poop dealer ran out of product

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