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Looking for best free themes for WordPress.

Here are some of the best free themes for WordPress in 2019.

1) WPOcean

2) ColorMag

3) Neve

4) Shop Isle

Bonus Themes



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14 thoughts on “Top 4 Best Free Theme For WordPress (2019) 🔥 – चीर फाड़ Themes फ्री में

  1. This video has been sponsored by Hostinger, which gives you affordable and fast hosting services.
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  2. These Indians that will never speak English yet they use English for their title. Do they actually think people are hearing them?

  3. Hey
    Is Hostinger Cloud Plan good Option for wordpress ?
    Does it have c panel equivalent and is it easy to install wordpress and other plugins?
    I am planning to host multiple website and i feel basic cloud plan for 6.75 $(discounted price) is best plan as most shared plans cost almost 3-6 $ per month
    On basic cloud plan i get 2 cores ,3 gb RAM and 40 GB of storage On Shared plan i probably get 25% of single core and 512 MB of RAM.
    Would you mind doing a overview of the control panel of the Cloud plan cause many people have said that control panel on cloud option is very complicated and hard to use/understand.

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