Top 15 Best and FREE WordPress Themes 2020 Of ALL TIME!😍 MUST WATCH!🔥

Today, I Will show you the best wordpress themes of ALL time! ✅Finding a wordpress theme that works for you is essential so checkout this list of the best wordpress themes!

(These WordPress themes dont come in any specific order but I personally recommend Flatsome And Divi theme The Most)

Premium WordPress Themes

1.Flatsome Theme:
-Flatsome Tutorial:

2. Divi Theme(20% OFF):
-Divi Theme Tutorial:

3. Real Homes Theme:
-Real Homes Tutorial:

4.Gecko theme:
-Gecko theme tutorial:

5.Osine Theme:



8. Massive Dynamic:

9. SoleDad Theme:

10. NewsPaper theme”

11. Avada theme:

Free WordPress Themes

1. Customify: https:
Check out my review:

2. Astra Theme:
Astra Tutorial:
Astra eCommerce tutorial:

3. OceanWP:
Tutorial: ( This is an older tutorial, i would recommend astra now)

4. Neve Theme:

Thanks for watching! These are some of the best wordpress themes for 2019 and 2020. If you are really looking for a theme, choose one from this list and i wish you all the best of luck

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  1. Darrel Wilson says:

    Hey Party People! If your looking for a theme for wordpress, you must check this video out. These themes are a must have if you are looking for a wordpress theme for your wordpress website! Let me know if you switched to any after watching this video :p

  2. bokkor vi says:

    When you state web based business, does that incorporate subsidiary destinations as well, would they be able to be utilized conversely?

  3. M R Jannat Swapon says:

    love from Dhaka

  4. Carl Mikal says:

    When you say e-commerce, does that include affiliate sites too, can they be used interchangeably?

  5. Ken & Peg McCune says:

    Corona ?

  6. nesrin anaba says:

    ebook WordPress Optimization Secrets

  7. Matijas says:

    these aren't FREE

  8. atchaya saravanan says:

    Which theme would you pick from the list for travel blogging? ( One from free and one from paid)
    Thanks in advance 😊
    So informative your vlogs are! Great work Darrel ❤️

  9. Jenn Hoffman says:

    Isn't Flatsome WP Pagebuilder?

  10. Arivinte Jalakam says:

    4-5 Years ago when i left wordpress newspaper was on every ones top 10. Now i came back and its still there. One more thing i am from india and never heard of hi so 😅😅😅

  11. Edward Yeung says:

    Can someone help? How do you replace a WordPress theme if you're using beaver builder? When you replace a theme do you have to create your original website from scratch? How can you work on your new theme in go-daddy but still keep your original site running until,your new theme is ready to publish?

  12. Technologie younes says:

    Download Free Publisher v7.6.2 – Newspaper Magazine AMP WordPress Theme

  13. George Pistikoudis says:

    Hi Darrel, great video as always. I want to ask you what theme should i use to help a friend paint Artist (with about 200 paintings of 12 categories) build his website? Is there a good free theme with some good portfolio template?

  14. Flash beats says:

    bro change your background!! please don't get offended by this comment!! its just a suggestion

  15. Good to knowINFO says:

    i buy from you links Flatsome Theme and another one i hope get some money 🙂

  16. julie connelly says:

    favourite beer! Peckham Pils, or any pils at craft bar

  17. julie connelly says:

    I have been using a free blogger theme website for years . Now want to start an online writing service and haven't a clue what theme to use.! will be a service, writing, some presentations… and blog. Does it have to be WP 5.3, I'm aiming at the mature age group…any clues?

  18. Davorin Kejžar says:

    Do you recommend buying a divi theme to build a page for apartments? Thnx.

  19. Chioma Nnamah says:

    Nice Tutorial Darrel, you have been really of great to me in terms on website.but what do you have to say about themes and plugins?i will be much appreciated if you respond to this question.

  20. Nuno Aparício says:

    Come to Portugal and try Super Bock!! very good beer!

  21. Miguel Vásquez says:

    Hi Darrel, great and informative video as always 🙂
    I recently discovered a new Theme, which I would love for more people to know about it, because it's really outstanding. This theme is "Suki" ->
    Would be awesome is You make a review of this theme that is new and very few users know about it, so that more people can take advantage of this little gem. If You compare "Suki" vs "Astra" & "GeneratePress" & "Page Builder Framework", etc…., I'm sure that You will be greatly surprised by it's overall quality, performance, lightness and flexibility 🙂  Thank You !

  22. Ricardo Bryan says:

    What do you think about the BeTheme, it's number 2 on the list of best selling themes. Is it any good? I was thinking about buying this theme and i like frontpage design, but you didn't mention it in this video. Do you have any experience with it?

  23. sylvester moss says:

    Darrel Wilson SHOUT OUT from The Bahamas. You Inspire me with each and every Video you put out. I spent a lot of money on website builders and other programs and didn't find them as useful as WordPress. I now own a Company here in The Bahamas call CgBahamas, and I owe it all to you.

    My Business is growing and every day I am hard at it looking over websites I have built to see what I can change to make them better, more attractive and more Inspiring.

  24. Aldin Lapinig says:

    Hi Darrel, thank you for this valuable info. Do you have the link where YP implements listing pro? Just out of curiosity. Thank you 🙂

  25. Junaid Hussain says:

    hi Darrel
    love from Pakistan.
    I am your student. I learned a lot from your videos and started my own website Agency called Digiketing Agency

    Thanks a lot.

  26. J Philpotts says:

    Thanks for the info! What's your take on Jupiter X?

  27. Jhim Gabel Kin says:


  28. just14now says:

    Darrel, I love your videos! I always learn a lot when I watch them. Thanks for making my life easier. I'm not sure if I might try a Modelo since you recommend it but it wouldn't come close to 1554

  29. Stephen J says:

    you didnt compare the seo capabilities of each theme — nor did you define exacrly why you liked each theme —– poor comparisons

  30. sattice says:

    omg perfect timing! I'm building my sisters website and I've only done my own blog so a bit nervous. Seeing how you showed us the template pages makes it look so much easier! i am going to give one of these a go- thanks again.

  31. West Ten Travel says:

    Yeah Darrel's the man along with a few others that have seen build websites on youtube for free. Modelo's good? Has anybody ever tried Hoegaarden?

  32. Historian212 says:

    Wow, ADHD much? Why alienate a large group of viewers and potential customers because you couldn’t rein yourself in? Maybe get a life coach to help you with that. Btw many psychologists are now doing life coaching instead of therapy, because it’s an effective, practical modality that works for most people.
    (I don’t read responses, so don’t bother to comment back.)

  33. dyrectory com says:

    Excellent list of the top 15 Best WordPress Theme of All Time! I was familiar with a few. I can't wait to explore the templates I'm not familiar with! 👏🏻 👍

  34. Nancy Smith says:

    Thanks for the info. I really like it that you included the list of Themes!

  35. Montsergirl says:

    Let’s see what you are so stoked about with this Divi 😋

  36. Diseño Web says:

    MODELO, Darrel

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